Black Dad Knows A Lot But Grandad Knows Everything Shirt, hoodie, tank top


Black Dad Knows A Lot But Grandad Knows Everything Shirt

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Black Dad Knows A Lot But Grandad Knows Everything Shirt, hoodie, tank top

Classic hero’s journey stuff, and so, as you can guess, Brian got the scratch together. He showed up at the 2014 Wolfpack Hustle Civic Center Criterium in L.A. So fit he wound up attacking off the front with four laps to go and soloed in for the win. Racers, fans, promoters, and brands all took note. Leader Bikes sponsored Brian, and that support enabled him to become a regular on the Red Hook Crit circuit, racing everywhere from Brooklyn to Barcelona. By then Red Hook was an established event, with major sponsorship bucks and a field that occasionally included World Tour riders. To keep competitive among guys who could lay down way more watts, Brian relied on his technical ability, employing skills he’d honed from years weaving in and out of traffic with time-sensitive packages in his satchel.

“Safa is a world-class bike handler,” says Red Hook Crit founder David Trimble. “But he’s not as fit as the elite level riders, so he was always compensating with his handling skills.” Brian notched some top 10 finishes in the Red Hook series, and as Trimble points out, he was always animating the race, often attacking on a whim and leading before the big names got down to business, or riding off the front any time it rained and the track got tricky. He also made a name for himself after the races concluded.

“He seems calm, like he has it together, but he’s pretty wild,” Trimble recounts and starts laughing. “I remember in Barcelona he got so wasted at the after party that he passed out on a city bench with his bike, and he woke up and everything had been taken from him. I think even his shoes were missing.”

Beyond the attacking and the partying, however, Brian exhibited a thoughtfulness, Trimble is quick to point out, a yearning to do something both within the oddball fixed-gear racing scene and yet somehow beyond it; to create something that didn’t require him pinning a number to his jersey. Trimble talks about some of the writing Brian did for them, which in the end wasn’t quite what they were looking for. He shot a few films as well. Each video consists of on-bike race footage set to rap or hardcore, and one features a trippy animated overlay. It’s pretty standard stuff, amateur when compared to what Brian produces now, but one can sense a desire behind the lack of cinematic skill—a groping in the dark, a need to communicate, a guy trying to figure out where he fits in.



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