Bonling Makes Me Happy The Ten Pin Not So Much Shirt, hoodie


Bonling Makes Me Happy The Ten Pin Not So Much Shirt

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Bonling Makes Me Happy The Ten Pin Not So Much Shirt, hoodie

In older adults, the circadian clock advances, Neubauer explains. “People as they age tend to become more early birds, being sleepier earlier in the evening and having their sleep turned off earlier in the mornings,” he tells me in an interview. “Someone who might’ve been able to sleep until 7:00 or 8:00 several decades later in their life may find that they’re waking up at 6:00 or maybe 5:00 in the morning spontaneously and not being able to sleep anymore.”

But old habits die hard. “People are set in their ways. They’re accustomed to watching particular programs and staying up for the news and finally going to bed after they figure out what the weather’s going to be for the next day–not that it makes any difference,” Neubauer says.

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Instead, he suggests, go to bed when you’re tired. “People are not going to bed as early as they could fall asleep, which is earlier than it would have been a few decades earlier in their lives,” he tells me. “When you feel tired, don’t fight it–just go to sleep, even if it’s earlier than you used to go to sleep. Don’t stay up until 11:00; go to bed at 10:00.”

That’s getting even more difficult these days with the widespread use of notebook computers, tablets and phones, which not only keep people too preoccupied to fall asleep but emit light that disrupts the body’s rhythms. “I strongly encourage people to minimize light exposure,” Neubauer says. “Avoid having all of the electronic screens close to you, avoid that stimulation. Don’t have such bright lights on.” He recommends separating from electronic screens one to two hours before bedtime. Remember when people used to take a good book to bed?

It is a battle between 21st century technology and tens of thousands of years of evolution hard-wired into our brains. “It goes back way earlier than humans, the circadian system and the sleep/wake cycle, phylogenetically goes way, way, way, way back,” he says, “It is burned in to our physiology, that we have all sorts of different processes that are driven by our circadian clock.”

Of course, if your sleep problems are worse or last longer, consult your physician. Twenty-five percent of older males have sleep apnea and it’s an underdiagnosed condition.

But for the rest of us, just as the old saying in stock investing goes “don’t fight the tape,” when it comes to sleep, don’t fight the circadian clock. Go to bed when you’re tired and get at least seven hours of sleep a night, if you can.

The three pillars of healthy aging are diet, exercise and sleep, Dr. Neubauer says. And sleep is probably the one you can most easily control.

Sweet dreams, everyone.



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