Coding Debugging Chair Shirt, hoodie, tank top


Coding Debugging Chair Shirt

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Coding Debugging Chair Shirt, hoodie, tank top

Kimberly had lost a little weight since the orientation day, which is why Ashley was willing to tolerate the jarring movements from running. While Ashley pretended to like Kimberly to build good will, she was holding onto a hope that Kimberly would get to a weight she was comfortable with and honor their original agreement or become secure enough with herself to let her out. Ashley knew that when she returned to the outside world, she’d jump on the first opportunity to leave Greenlands and get away from Kimberly. Even though Kimberly acted like she wants to be genuine friends with her, Ashley was not going to forget that before either of them knew Ashley was immune to acid Kimberly was very quick to accept the idea that Ashley was going to be digested and move on with her day. Ashley wondered if Kimberly would remember her if she got digested. Testing this query, Ashley asked, “The day we first met you ate someone who was helping me move in, what was his relationship to me and what did he look like?”

Kimberly, working through her morning routine that included putting water and toothpaste on a disposable toothbrush and swallowing it for Ashley to use along with some floss, thought for a second, “He was your brother and he was kind of short.”

“He was my boyfriend! Now name one of the people in our orientation group!”

Kimberly patted her belly, “Ashley, don’t get worked up about shit that has been in the sewers for a while. None of them matter anymore.”

“Need I remind you that I could have been part of that shit!”

“Look Ashley, I had a boyfriend once. Then I ate him along with his twin brother and parents because I was hungry. I could stay up at night and think of how much of a jerk I was, or I could do the easier thing and realize the past does not matter.”



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