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Crying Is A Free Action Shirt

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Crying Is A Free Action Shirt

The next day, the sun popped up and I moved back over to where the shade was underneath the tree. And that day I looked around and found a stick that I could use as a crutch to walk around. So I moved around and tried to see if there was any way I could get back out. But even in that, I fell a couple of times, just cause of the dizziness and the headaches. There was no way I was going to get out. There was too much climbing. It was too far. It was too steep. And I just had to pray that my little brother was smart enough to start calling somebody as soon as he could.

When I first started the hike, I remember seeing where everybody’s sign-ins for the hike was. And the last one had been about three days before I was there. So it wasn’t necessarily a common hike that a lot of people do. So I did not expect anything. I didn’t expect to find anybody. I expected to sit there and wait. Because there was nothing else I can do.

Host: [00:15:18] Here’s Eric Glomski again. That morning, he and his family were beginning their hike into the canyon.

Eric & Gayle Glomski: [00:15:24] When we finally got out of the, kind of the upper area, I started getting down into the lower canyon, we started hitting red rock and then the trail kind of started to disappear on us. And then that was when you know, we’re looking at maps, trying to figure out how to get down these last cliffs. The river bottom was actually sitting in this red rock and had clearly cut down through it. And there were, you know, maybe two or three 20- to 50-foot ledges where there’d be a straight red rock and then all the eroding material and then straight down to the platform that the river was cutting into.

Jacob: [00:16:06] I got out my phone and then set up some texts to my brothers and my parents.



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