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Farmer Cow Things I Do In My Spare Time Shirt

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Farmer Cow Things I Do In My Spare Time Shirt, hoodie, tank top

The campaign, as Dovere notes, played out almost like a novel, to the final chapter, when, in an Oval Office interview with the new president, he asked Biden what he thought his late son Beau would think of all of this. Biden’s gave an extended, deeply personal answer in which he compared his son to Obama, and said, “I get up in the morning, go to bed at night thinking, ‘I hope he’s proud of me today. I hope he’s proud.’”

Deadline spoke to Dovere about his book, what it says about Hollywood and the Democrats, and the outlook for 2022.

DEADLINE: I think a lot of people would be surprised by Biden’s relationship with Lady Gaga.

EDWARD-ISAAC DOVERE: They got to know each other because of the work that Biden was doing, starting as Vice President, about campus sexual assault, and she got involved with that. And struck up a little bit of a connection. They are not best friends, but I think most people would be surprised that Lady Gaga and Joe Biden have a working friendship at all. It’s one of the many ways that you see Democratic politics and and Hollywood intersecting here, in ways that got more and more important during the Trump years, as both Democrats and a lot of celebrities became more impassioned about getting involved in different ways.

DEADLINE: She campaigned for him in Pennsylvania the night before the election, but Biden even wanted her to appear at his kickoff announcement rally.

DOVERE: It was going to be in Philadelphia on the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum, and he was gently talked out of it because there was a little bit of a concern early on of trying to do a big rally, whether people would show up for him, and sure enough you see in the early stages of this campaign, there was some trouble in getting people to show up. The rally that they ended up having the kickoff was was in Philadelphia, it wasn’t on the steps, and Springsteen and Gaga, neither of them were there. But there was also a continuing outreach to her to get her involved. And sure enough, it was important to Biden and that she was with him the night before the election. She comes to Pittsburgh, and plays at this concert… Gaga plays a number of songs, and Biden is enough of a fan that he is mouthing along the words to Shallow backstage and holding on to Jill Biden and really connecting in that way…. [After her set] she was jumping up and down dancing, that kind of joyous dancing waiting for him to show up, and then watched standing on stage the entire speech that Biden gave.



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