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Root canal swelling

On top of pain, you may experience some swelling after a root canal. It’s not common, says Dr. Law, but it’s more likely if you had an advanced infection in the tooth.

“This is why it is important to treat dental infections before they advance to severe pain and swelling,” he says.

You may want to give you dentist a call if you’re in a ton of pain and have swelling.

“Signs that something has gone wrong are severe pain and or swelling,” Dr. Martinez-Barron says. “Generally, you should feel a lot better than you did prior to the procedure, as [you likely had] a toothache prior to the visit.”

How much is a root canal?

The average cost of a root canal varies widely. If you have dental insurance, it might cover part of the procedure. And if you don’t, there are a few different ways to access affordable dental care. You may want to look into public health clinics, dental schools, and charities that may offer cost-effective options.

The price of a root canal also depends on which tooth needs the procedure. Molars and premolars are typically more expensive than front teeth, for example. On average, the procedure can cost anywhere from $700 to $1,800 out of pocket.

Other things that impact the cost of a root canal include where you live, how much damage there is to the tooth, and whether you need a consultations or X-ray.

Root canal risks

Root canals are an effort to save your tooth, but sometimes there is too much damage to complete the procedure. You may lose the tooth.

Developing an abscess at the root of the tooth is another risk. This occurs if some of the infected material is left behind.

How can you prevent root troubles and avoid a root canal?

According to Dr. Martinez-Barron, bacteria and decaying material necessitating a root canal can cause a serious infection. Signs and symptoms of this include swelling, tooth pain, and temperature sensitivity, if left untreated.


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