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Goat Greatest Of All Time Trump Shirt

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Goat Greatest Of All Time Trump Shirt, hoodie

(re: KSM) The man is guilty, he stated that of his own free will and asked to be put to death for his crimes. Why in the hell does Holder and Obama feel that they must now try him

Um, cuz that’s what we do in this country, according to the U.S. Constitution, that you must also disdain? As to what he admitted “of his own free will”, what did he admit? What makes you think it was of his own free will as opposed to having done so under repeated torture? And, even it was, you’ve never heard of someone confessing to a crime they never committeed? Really? Yes, that’s why we have a judicial system. If you don’t care for it, please move to Iran or N. Korea, or wherever your sense of morality and justice might find a better match than it does here in the U.S.A.

My guess is it is a back door way to put the Bush administration on trial, what they wanted to do in the first place.

I wish! But your evidence for them “want[ing] to do [that] in the first place” is what exactly? The fact that they didn’t???

there is no telling what crimes the next administration might decide the Obama administration committed. This is the exact reason why this must not be allowed to happen – why administrations need not speak ill of the previous administrations – for eventually, they will be the previous administration.


No. That is why we have a justice system which holds trials in public, so no adminstration can hold someone guilty for a crime they didn’t commit (at least that’s the theory, anyway.) If Obama commits any crimes he should be held accountable for it. I can’t believe you just announced that all Presidents should be above the law. Have I mentioned the great fit you seem to be with the governments of Iran and N. Korea? I hear the Taliban is looking for fresh leadership? Are you available to relocate?

Do I believe he accomplished anything at Copenhagen – NO! I think he made the US look weak and accomplished not a single thing. Funny, lots of commentators on both CNN and Fox feel the same way I do about his appearance there.

Well, then, that’s evidence enough for me! BTW, what was the agreement Obama was able to broker in Copenhagen? Do you have any idea? Or will you answer be as utterly bereft of any actual information as this one was in reply to my first comment to you?



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