I Like Cats And Surfing And Maybe 3 People Shirt, hoodie, tank top


I Like Cats And Surfing And Maybe 3 People Shirt

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I Like Cats And Surfing And Maybe 3 People Shirt, hoodie, tank top

A woman may have sovereignty over her body, but the person inside her does too. Need a Bible reference for you liberal apostles? Upon Elizabeth hearing Mary�s greeting the baby in her womb �leapt for joy.� Luke 1:41,44. The live child. They don�t turn into kids mere minutes from birth. And you have no right to destroy them before they are born any more than afterwards.

A baby can feel joy, suck its thumb and kick your ribs, but has no civil rights in this country. If that is what you call nuance you are truly sick and deserving of all the things Ann says.

COMMENT #48 [Permalink]… Yay abortion! Said on 11/29/2005 @ 1:25 am PT…

^ Well. It’s a good thing the Bible and the Constitution are not the same document. Otherwise we’d all be screwed for working on Sundays.

You “pro-lifers” are such selfish people. Don’t you realize the women who are having abortions can’t afford their child or don’t WANT it? It’s cruel to force a child to grow up in a home where they will be unloved or neglected. Yes, people shouldn’t be that way — they should love their children and they should be responsible human beings. But there is idealism and then there is reality. Not all homes are good for children. Some children would be better off being aborted. Hey, I don’t like the idea of abortion; I think it’s despicable. So you know what? I don’t plan on ever having one.

Anyway, great blog Lydia. I find it fascinating that conservatives can be so obsessed with being “good,” “righteous” people when in actuality they are the most hateful, selfish ones of them all.

COMMENT #49 [Permalink]… R U SERIOUS said on 11/29/2005 @ 6:54 am PT…

under you premise, since the “child;” you do call it a child, in full acknowledgment that it is a human life, i would not be loved or cared for, therefore outweighing the quality of life to life itself. Soo, every homeless person, orphan, hell any person who is unloved and neglected should have a pair of scissors jammed in the back of their neck to open a hole to insert a tube and have their brains sucked out. Well, this is all according to your standard of saying who should live or die. God is vengeful, ask the Egyptians before the Exodus, you’ll find that in the Jewish book of Religeon as well.



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