I Likes Cats And Baseball And Maybe 3 People Shirt, hoodie, tank top


I Likes Cats And Baseball And Maybe 3 People Shirt

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I Likes Cats And Baseball And Maybe 3 People Shirt, hoodie, tank top

Dick Durbin calls our camps like the gulags and Nazi concentration camps. Putting aside that the liberals of that time did not mind gulags, his word choice is instructive. He cried croc tears when called on it. Very big of him.

There have been numerous calls for the killing of GW. One was in a play that was well received by the intelligentsia in NYC. Funny, how that doesn’t fall into the left’s definition of hate speech.

At the many “peace” marches we saw over time, we viewed numerous signs equating Bush and Hitler. Even as actual fascists were blowing up the Madrid trains. At the same marches, one would have had to search high and low for a sign even vaguely criticizing Saddam, also an actual, unreconstructed fascist. A man whose mass graves did not get on fraction of the media attention of Abu Ghraib. To the left, such as Ramsey Clark, Saddam is better than Bush.

In answer to one poster’s query, yes, we do believe the media is liberal, or mostly so. It is also interesting that it is also predominantly white, wealthy and frankly, snobbish. Tom Brokaw, Peter Jennings, Dan Rather…Diane Sawyer…

Arrianna Huffington is more the face of the left wing of the Democrat Party than is FDR, never mind Patrick Moynihan. She of the many estates, the private jets and the lectures on fuel consumption. Apparently Al Franken does not like to hire any minorities in his business dealings. Neither does Michael Moore. Hillary and Bill bought their home in 100 percent white Chappaqua. (Of course, it is 100 percent rich, too.) But these are the people who claim to speak for minorities. And the poor. Compare Dean with Condi Rice, who grew up in the deep South during the time of Dr. King. Personally, I look at Robert Byrd and then Condi and I shake my head. Of course, it is not widely known that the Democrat Party gave rise to the Ku Klux Klan many years ago. Look it up.

Howard Dean grew up in the lap of luxury. Much was made of Bush’s National Guard service but not a whole lot about Dean’s draft dodging. Of course, John Edwards’ military record isn’t exactly stellar either. I won’t even get into Bill Clinton, another draft dodger. But suddenly, the democrat party’s new wise old man is John Murtha, Marine. Funny, I never heard Max Cleland comment on Edwards’ fitness for Veep, having had NO military background. Of course, Bob Dole’s loss of his arm to the Nazis and Bush Sr.’s heroism as a pilot as a 19 year old didn’t get repeated ad infinitum like the fact that John Kerry was a “hero.” I recall certain Dems mocking Dole’s arm, perhaps not knowing how he had lost its use. (But that’s not hate speech either, is it?) Funny, when Clinton was running vs. Bush Sr. The war hero thing wasn’t too important to Democrats. Refresh my memory. Why was that?



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