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I Likes Cats And Baseball And Maybe 3 People Shirt

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I Likes Cats And Baseball And Maybe 3 People Shirt, hoodie, tank top

it appears that the only anti-abortion folks on this thread are all men. Perhaps that’s why it’s harder to grasp this concept.

>Its like being pro-choice on murder, or drug dealing, or pedophilia.

no, it’s not. Put down your paper tigers.

if you can’t, at the very least, comprehend the difference, this will be argued in perpetuity.

there are vast numbers of good people who share your beliefs. But Dems do not share your solution. Outlawing abortion will not make it go away. It will reduce the number of abortions, somewhat, but not the occurence. It has been so, for thousands of years. Sadly.

addressing the problems in society and culture that lead women to make this choice is the only real solution for creating a world in which such a heartbreaking dilemma never need occur at all.

COMMENT #69 [Permalink]… Johnny Rheincoat said on 11/29/2005 @ 6:29 pm PT…

Ann Coulter’s reader base are mostly furtive types who lurk in teen chat rooms or who read Ann in dark dank little rooms on 13 inch monitors in 16 point type while cluthing their pathetic little IQ’s/manhood in one hand while slobbering Slim Jims with the other and IM’ing eachother on what the meaning of the latest decolletage she falunts means (10 inches= important Bush charm initiative?). They need lizard skins on their mice or joysticks because thier hands are too slick from popping pustules while drooling on the keyboard as well…Banal, unimaginative, the epitomy of intellectual and spiritiual sloth, their reward for their avarice and sloth has been had in this life not in the next, they will be harshly judged for they judge harshly of others, uninquiring, uninspiring, (Thank God) such are the minions of hate speech.

COMMENT #70 [Permalink]… The Redneck said on 11/29/2005 @ 7:38 pm PT…

Intereting analogy, Rheincoat, except that using such terms as “popping pustules”, “drooling on the keyboard”, “banal, unimaginative, the epitomy of intellectual and spiritual sloth”, “cluthing (sic) their pathetic little IQ’s/manhood”, and then you want to speak of the “minions of hate speech?” Maybe you’d have been a little less harsh about minions of hate speech if you were aware that you were demonstrating yourself to be among that number. Besides that, I’m clearly more intelligent than yourself and if men could get pregnant I’d have Ann Coulter’s baby–so don’t be too surprised if nobody believes you.



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