I Served My Country What Did You Do Shirt, hoodie, tank top


I Served My Country What Did You Do Shirt c

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I Served My Country What Did You Do Shirt, hoodie, tank top

When she was twenty, she produced her first album, The Lion and the Cobra, which got great reviews. The record was finished a matter of days before she gave birth to a boy. Her decision to carry the pregnancy to term was as dramatic as all the other salient events in Sinéad’s life: Lying in a London hospital bed with her cervix being dilated in preparation for a curettage, Sinéad realized she couldn’t go through with the abortion into which business associates had attempted to pressure her. I wish I could tell you this story as she told it to me, and also the story of how she once went to Lourdes with her mother and got a crush on a tour guide and called him on the phone afterwards from Dublin, and also the story of how the day her father drove her to reform school she made him stop the car because she had to buy a Bob Dylan album, she couldn’t bear to go without it, and considered running away, but her father used to be an all-Ireland sprinter, so she couldn’t because he would have caught her. Also, about the time she took a whole lot of her boyfriend’s asthma tablets to get stoned and almost died but one of the nuns at the reform school figured out what she had taken so she didn’t die because the doctor found an antidote but they thought it was a suicide attempt so she wound up having to spend six months more at the reform school. Also, about the healer she found in London, when her “reproductive system was fucked up,” and about studying the cabala, and about her spiritual journey, which started when her mother died, and about her personal cosmology, all this business about choosing everything before you’re born. Also, about the love affair she had last year with someone who treated her shamefully badly, but she doesn’t want me to mention his name because he shouldn’t get the publicity. “Make sure you say he’s a little shit, though,” she requested. Also, about the two guys she and Ciara had met that morning at the deli and the argument they’d had about sexism but they were going to see them again at a club that night and maybe not slag them off.


“Everybody needs affection, you know. I just like to think there’s somebody I can dress up nice for, put a bit of lipstick on for, somebody who thought I was beautiful, you know, for a day. I don’t want a boyfriend, but you’d like to think that somebody out there has a little candle burning for you, you know. Somebody you could have a crush on and think about and somebody to make your day seem worthwhile, you know?”

O’Connor, 1989

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