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Ice Hockey Hawaiian Shirt

the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office, shows Steven Carrillo. The FBI announced murder charges against Air Force Staff Sgt. Carrillo in the fatal shooting of David Patrick Underwood. (Santa Cruz Sheriff’s Office via AP, File)

On June 6, authorities tracked Carrillo to a property in Ben Lomond, Calif., more than 70 miles from Oakland. As deputies surrounded the property, Carrillo sent a flurry of WhatsApp messages to members of the Grizzly Scouts in a group chat labeled “209 Goon HQ,” according to the indictment.

One message told the members to “kit up and get here” and to “take them out,” according to the indictment. Another allegedly read: “Dudes i offed a fed.”

Rush, whom prosecutors described as “commanding officer” of the Grizzly Scouts, told Carrillo to “factory reset” his phone, deleting its stored communications, according to the indictment.

Carrillo was arrested that afternoon after a gun battle that left one officer from the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office dead and others injured. When authorities searched the vehicles used by Carrillo, police said, they found a boogaloo patch, ammunition, firearms, bombmaking equipment and three boogaloo-related messages scrawled in blood: “I became unreasonable,” “Boog” and “Stop the duopoly.”

Carrillo pleaded not guilty to counts of murder and attempted murder in federal and state courts in connection with the shootout during his arrest and the Oakland shooting. A lawyer representing Carrillo in federal court declined to comment on his case and the allegations in Friday’s indictment.

While Carrillo was being processed last summer, the four other Grizzly Scouts now indicted deleted all the “209 Goon HQ” chat logs from their phones, the indictment says, and reconnected on “an alternative communications application.” There, they turned on a “disappearing messages” function, automatically erasing their chats after a certain period, according to prosecutors.



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