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It Is All Native Land Shirt

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It Is All Native Land Shirt, hoodie, tank top

Later on, her agents began to hear reports she was difficult to work with, a claim no one had said before and, she suggested, could have been spread by Moonves as revenge for turning him down.

Linda Silverthorn  – 1984

In 1984, when she was an assistant, and he was a vice-president at Twentieth Century Fox, Moonves had propositioned her, offering to help her career.

The two had consensual sexual encounters in his office over the course of about a month, she says.

But when the pair met up again Silverthorn thought she was meeting Moonves on a professional basis.

As soon as she entered his office, Silverthorn alleges Moonves shut the door to his office, took several swigs of coffee, grabbed her, and pulled her up from the chair where she was seated.

‘He kissed me while we were standing up. Coffee was on his breath,’ she recalled. ‘And then he just pulled his penis out’ and moved it towards her hand.

After the episode, Moonves told her the studio didn’t have any opportunities for her, she claims.

‘It was unwelcome, it was unwanted,’ she said. ‘[Despite the encounters six years earlier, I was there for a legitimate business meeting at nine o’clock.’

But it wasn’t just women working in the entertainment business who were allegedly assaulted but in the hospitality industry as well.

Janet Jones – 1985

In the spring of 1985, Jones was trying to get into the industry as a writer, so was delighted when producer Mike Marvin helped arrange a meeting between her and Moonves, then vice-president of Twentieth-Century Fox.



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