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Just A Girl Who Loves Sunshine And Tacos Shirt

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Just A Girl Who Loves Sunshine And Tacos Shirt

Host: [00:24:48] It was Jacob’s bad luck that landed him in the bottom of the canyon, but profoundly good luck that got him out safely.

Eric & Gayle Glomski: [00:24:57] So he had fallen pretty much right when his brother left him. So he was there all day, all night. And then we found him in the morning. It was, I don’t know, like a Tuesday, maybe, it was right in the middle of the week. And, you know, the likelihood of somebody else coming down there during the week is probably pretty low. So, I mean, he was doing what he could do. Like the smart things.

Jacob: [00:25:22] The social worker for the hospital, she comes up to me. “Hey, I think your parents are here. They’re sitting outside the hospital.” They can’t come in because it’s 2020, it’s COVID. “They’re sitting outside. They’re worried. How are you doing? How are you feeling?” And I looked at her and I said, “Ah, crap. My mom’s going to kill me.”

It’s been a rough year and this is one of the first things I thought when I first fell was, crap is going to stress my parents out. And the social worker went back to my parents to tell them how I am and everything. She came back to me and I remember she said, “So I met with your mom. She said, she’s going to kick your ass.”

And honestly, they finished up, I was in the hospital for four, maybe five hours and they released me. And that’s it.

Host: [00:26:24] This episode of Out Alive was produced by Zoe Gates along with me, Louisa Albanese. Story editing and sound design was by Matt Coddaire. Our script writer was Zoe Gates. This episode was mixed by Jason McDaniel from Electric Audio, Inc. Thank you to Jacob Velarde and Eric and Gayle Glomski for sharing your stories and perspectives. If you enjoyed this episode of Out Alive, please subscribe and leave us a review.



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