Just A Regular Mom Trying Not To Raise Liberals Shirt


Just A Regular Mom Trying Not To Raise Liberals Shirt

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Just A Regular Mom Trying Not To Raise Liberals Shirt

Andrew noted that while you are obliged to provide appropriate documents – you should not say anything or give any further information to avoid accidentally getting yourself into trouble.

If the officer asks you any additional questions, simply tell them in a polite manner that you do not wish to answer them.

This is because what you say next could bear repercussions and give the officer grounds to charge you with a crime.

Andrew explained that the police are trained to draw information out of people – and by doing so, effectively catch you out.

‘I believe that people should be polite and courteous to start,’ Andrew told Jam Press.’You can simply and politely say, “I’m sorry officer. I know you’re just doing your job, but I don’t answer questions.” They aren’t asking questions to be friendly or as idle chatter.’


Another tip that the lawyer shared covers contract loopholes.

He revealed that many contracts that people sign are actually unenforceable, especially if the terms were unreasonable and you couldn’t negotiate them at the time of signing.

‘Many businesses draft form or “boilerplate” contracts but insert provisions that are not standard in the industry or are manifestly unreasonable,’ he explained.

‘When a court analyses these types of contracts, also called contracts of adhesion, they will not enforce any crazy provisions, particularly if the contracts were presented as “take it or leave it” with no negotiating.’

In other words, don’t give into demands until you’ve had a professional look over the contract – especially if you are caught up in a dispute.

Known as @andrewesquire on the platform, he has racked up tens of thousands of views for his videos advising people on legal matters




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