Kindergarten Teacher Off Duty Shirt, hoodie, tank top


Kindergarten Teacher Off Duty Shirt

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Kindergarten Teacher Off Duty Shirt, hoodie, tank top

May 4—PLATTSBURGH — As sweet as it was to hear the governor relax some COVID restrictions, several area business owners say their operations will be barely, if at all, affected.

That was the case for Rhonda Dergham-Titherington’s mall-based hair salon DND Unisex.

While adjusted New York State guidelines will soon put an end to salon capacity limits, to increase this Friday from 50 to 75 percent, in favor of maintaining six feet of social distance between patrons, Dergham-Titherington said her salon will not be able to service any more clients than it was already.

“I think it’s wonderful in a way, like, we’re sort of moving forward and it gives me hope for our economy and for other businesses — I’m very happy for them,” she said Monday. “Unfortunately, it still keeps us in the 50 percent range, because of the square footage that we have.

“If we’re still at that six feet of social distancing, which they’re saying that we are, we can’t increase our business anymore; even when they make it 75 percent, it still keeps us at 50 percent.”


George Munson, owner of fellow Plattsburgh-based salon Visual Changes, said business at his South Catherine Street location would likely be unaffected by the change, as well.

“The occupancy isn’t going to make any difference for us,” he said. “Even if all of the girls that are there work at the same time and had one customer in their chair — we wouldn’t be beyond the number that we could have for our square footage.

“For us, changing that doesn’t make much of a difference.”

While it might allow clients or family members to wait in a seating area rather in their vehicles, Munson didn’t think many would take advantage.

“I don’t think clients or the public are going to feel comfortable with that,” he said. “I think human nature for us now is to not want to be in an environment with people, waiting. I don’t think they would stray from what the norm has been for the last year.”



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