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Life Without Happiness Is Like A Guitar Without Strings Shirt

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Life Without Happiness Is Like A Guitar Without Strings Shirt, hoodie, tank top

Her grandson, Luke Fettig, spent summers with his cousins at the grandparents’ house where their names were carved into the posts of the swing set Carr asked for as a Mother’s Day gift.

“It was a lot of love, and that’s what hurts the most is all the love I’m missing out on,” Fettig said.

Days after being exposed to the virus in October, Carr, who had a underlying lung condition, began experiencing a cough and shortness of breath. She required full-time oxygen treatments by the time she was hospitalized and was later hooked up to a ventilator.

“Her lungs just turned to cement,” Fettig said.

Contributed by the Journal Review in Crawfordsville

Provided Thomas Popcheff

Name: Thomas Popcheff

City/Town: Speedway

Age: 69

Died: April 5

Thomas Popcheff’s first job was cutting grass for the Speedway Parks Department in the 1960s. Decades later, as president of the development commission, he was still doing essential work for Speedway.

And in between, Popcheff reveled in everything the town offered.

“The month of May was something special,” daughter Nikki Popcheff, 41, said. “There’d be 50, 100 people at our house on Indianapolis 500 race weekend. Every inch of floor space was taken, and tents were in the yard. He’d get up at 4:30 each morning, scope out the track and bring back a report.”

Known for his optimism, a zest for sports and a tendency to dote over his daughters, Popcheff died of the coronavirus on April 5 — his 69th birthday.

“He was very successful during his life, but his greatest accomplishment was just being a really great guy,” his wife, Karen Popchoff, said in an email.

Popcheff was a longtime employee and deputy commissioner at the Indiana Department of Administration. He graduated from Purdue University.

His passion was for his family and all things Speedway — and after living with Karen for a time in Avon, the Popcheffs moved back to Speedway about a dozen years ago and re-engaged with the community.

“Obviously, it was a different town than from when he grew up,” younger brother Ed Popcheff said. “It was a time when the race wasn’t big, big business and Main Street wasn’t a hot spot.”

On his return, Popcheff glided right back into civic life, joining several Speedway boards just as the downtown underwent unprecedented development.



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