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Madafakas Pew Pew Eagle Shirt, hoodie, tank top

4) And this month the Obama administration refused to follow a federal judge’s order to provide insurance benefits to the wife of a lesbian court employee in San Francisco. They are actually defying a federal judge in order to enforce their strict interpretation of the law which the judge says is invalid in order to deny benefits to the same sex spouse of a legally married court employee.

They don’t have to defy a judge to continue to enforce DOMA. They could do what most law abiding people do when a judge tells them to do something.

Is it any wonder that gay activists are organizing a contribution boycott of Obama and the Democratic leadership. It has nothing to do with what they *haven’t* done. It’s about actions, not words. (With Obama, the words are eloquent, but they are still cheap.)

This story could be repeated for issues involving torture, the civil and privacy rights of citizens, the explicit double cross about the importation of drugs (They said the were for it, then they actively blocked it in Congress, then they said they were still for it. Their talk really is cheap.) and more.

Obama’s actions have been so far to the right of center that many people (yourself included) can’t believe what they are seeing.

COMMENT #10 [Permalink]… BlueHawk said on 12/21/2009 @ 3:28 pm PT…

My 2 cents Frank….

It seems that you’re considerably to the right politcally than most of us here at Bradblog…That’s fine. I think your political views (center-right) make Obama’s decisions fine with you…Again fine.

But your judgements of our disappointments with Obama is very unfair…Obama’s seemingly clever or cynically creating a expectation for progressives that he had NO INTENTION of delivering on makes me feel had…

Your judgements about our criticisms of Obama makes me wonder…When is it fair to call bullshit, bullshit ?

We better be holding Obama’s ass to the fire…It’s what all democratically elected officials should endure.

In my opinion Obama has folded on, sold out and pussy footed those that elected him…Obama seems to be a corporate lapdog.

Damn right we’ll call him out on that.



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