Memorial Day Is For Them Veteran’s Day Is For Me Don’t Thank Me Shirt, hoodie, tank top


Memorial Day Is For Them Veteran's Day Is For Me Don't Thank Me Shirt

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Memorial Day Is For Them Veteran’s Day Is For Me Don’t Thank Me Shirt, hoodie, tank top

FLEISCHER: He said something wrong. If you’re 21, and you’re healthy, get your vaccine.

GUTFELD: No, but —

FLEISCHER: That’s — that — everybody should get it. And if there are people who just for religious reasons, other reasons don’t and it’s as long as teeny tiny minority respected. But if you’re 21, you’re healthy. Get your vaccine. So you don’t get this thing from anybody else. Though it’s not going to be more serious than the flu for most young, healthy people. Who wants to get the flu? Get your flu shot, get this shot, no matter what your age.

GUTFELD: Well, you know, Brian, I heard through the grapevine that people at Fox and Friends were intentionally trying to infect you with COVID.

KILMEADE: Which is kind of interesting. It’s kind of aggressive. I guess I am kind of abrasive to the crew. And I have a bit of a temper.

GUTFELD: You do.

KILMEADE: So, I didn’t know I had enemies not to that point.


GUTFELD: I hear you don’t talk to people in the elevator.

KILMEADE: That’s true. Absolutely. So David Lee Miller got you that information because he is our finest investigative reporter. What I did, unlike the way Kennedy prepared for this segment, focusing on deer.

MONTGOMERY: Oh, pure protein?

KILMEADE: Right. I focus on the math. And actually Joe Rogan who’s got literally $100 million to dig his podcast to Spotify. He’s one of those influential people in the country. So if you don’t know him, get it and keep up with it. He also in the same segment says he takes testosterone, ton of vitamins. So, he says that he’s going to get vaccinated. But for a 21-year-old, the chances of dying from this is .08 percent, so it’s less than one percent.


KILMEADE: So what he’s saying is actually not wrong.

GUTFELD: I know. I know. I agree. I agree. But I think in this case, it’s all about the cost benefit analysis that you make on your own. What you’re saying is that you’re, you know, it doesn’t hurt, do it and you want in fact, other people, but I think — I don’t know, my — I’m looking at it this way, Tyrus. I think that like it’s just the media — the media looks at Rogen and they got to take him down.




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