Never Underestimate An Old Man With Ludwig Drums Shirt, hoodie, tank top


Never Underestimate An Old Man With Ludwig Drums Shirt

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Never Underestimate An Old Man With Ludwig Drums Shirt, hoodie, tank top

Emma said sex became relaxed, loving and frequent during lockdown, as she no longer had endless meetings and late nights working. Pictured: Emma and Kim with baby Scarlett

Then lockdown happened and suddenly my life went from being 100 mph to go-slow. TV shows, advertising campaigns and corporate deals for my clients were cancelled and I was no longer making the five-hour round trip to London for endless meetings or working late into the night.

Sex wasn’t squeezed in between commutes or business calls, it was relaxed, loving and frequent, as we were at home together. We had sex a lot more around ovulation and I’d lay with my legs up afterwards for 30 minutes while doing work emails from my phone.

On our first anniversary, in late April last year, I noticed my boobs were unusually sore and I kept falling asleep on the sofa at 9pm, so couldn’t resist taking a pregnancy test. When the little blue line appeared and revealed I was one-two weeks pregnant, I wrapped it up and gave it to Kim as the most precious anniversary gift we could have dreamed of.

I’m convinced that the sudden and dramatic slowing of my pace of life was a major factor in us having Etta and the little family we both longed for.


Kerry Watson, 30, is studying for a masters degree in psychology and lives in Dunfermline with husband Kenny, 32, a therapist working with military veterans. They have two sons, Harris, eight, and Alfie, 14 weeks. She says:

By the time I discovered I was pregnant with Alfie last June, we’d been trying for two years to have a brother or sister for Harris and were on a waiting list for fertility treatment.

Kerry Watson, 30, and husband Kenny, 32, had been trying to get pregnant for two years and were on the waiting list for fertility treatment. Pictured: Kerry and Kenny with their two sons

The irony was that we’d conceived Harris on our first attempt in 2012, when Kenny returned from serving with the army in Afghanistan.



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