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No Mask No Vax No Fear No Apologies Shirt, hoodie

‘My understanding is, this is what they were going to do in exchange for not suing.’

When asked to comment on the miniseries deal and payment to Douglas, CBS said: ‘There were no funds added for settlement purposes. The amount paid was half of what she was owed, which is not what one might do if concerned about a claim such as this.’

Dr. Anne L. Peters – 1999

Dr. Anne Peters described an attack by an anonymous patient in 1999 in a medical journal entry about the MeToo movement this May. Vanity Fair named Moonves as the patient on Sunday and he conceded that he tried to kiss Peters but she rejected him

Independent from the accusations in Farrow’s two New Yorker pieces are those of Dr. Anne L. Peters who penned her account of being sexually harassed by an unnamed VIP patient in May this year.

Its title was ‘A Physician’s Place in the MeToo Movement.’ It appeared in The Annals of Internal Medicine.

Though Peters did not name her alleged attacker, she described the man trying to force himself on her twice then masturbating when she refused him.

She was not allowed to name him out doctor-patient confidentiality.

In her account, she wrote:  ‘I did my usual initial interview, and then we stood to move to the examination table. He grabbed me as I stepped forward. He pulled himself against me and tried to force himself on me.

‘He did this twice; when I rebuffed him, he stood beside the examination table and satisfied himself.

She said she felt ‘ashamed’ afterwards but found someone to report him to.

‘I had no idea what to do. I felt ashamed, I hadn’t screamed—I was supposed to be offering “extra-special” service to this man because he was rich and powerful and good for my institution (a place I no longer work).



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