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One For Joe One For Kamala Trump Fuck Fudged Shirt

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One For Joe One For Kamala Trump Fuck Fudged Shirt, hoodie

Caroline Kampila, 41, and husband Tamas, 47, had been diagnosed with unexplained infertility after trying for a baby for more than five years. Pictured: The couple with baby Anopa

Following three failed attempts at IUI, I’d begun to accept that perhaps I wasn’t meant to have a baby.

But just before we faced the sadness of closing that chapter of our lives for good, we decided to have one try with IVF, bringing our total spend on fertility treatment to almost £12,000.

In February 2020, I had two embryos transferred and prayed that this last attempt to have a child would work. To our utter surprise, it did. Just before we went into lockdown, the fertility clinic had told us that one of the two embryos implanted had taken and the pregnancy was confirmed with an NHS scan a few weeks later.

I’d been told by nurses at the clinic to take it easy right from the time they started monitoring my follicles, and this was emphasised again after the embryos were implanted — even exercise had to be as gentle as possible.

The risk of miscarriage in women over 40 is as high as 50 per cent, versus 20 per cent in your 30s. I knew those early weeks of my pregnancy were crucial to it going to full-term and was relieved that, like most office workers, I had to work from home instead of doing a 40-mile round trip on the M1 to the office every day.

Caroline said she was able to get more sleep and was significantly less stressed than their previous attempts at fertility treatment. Pictured: Caroline and Tamas with their son

Confined to our home, life became less busy. Unlike with previous attempts at fertility treatment, when I’d go for a run or walk when I got home from work, then cook dinner before sitting down to study for my accountancy exams till late at night, this time I managed to rest a lot on the sofa or the bed and get more sleep.

It meant I was significantly less stressed this time around, including waking every morning without an alarm — all factors that I believe contributed to the embryo remaining attached to my womb.



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