Panda Guns Destroy Racism Be Like Panda Shirt


Panda Guns Destroy Racism Be Like Panda Shirt

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Panda Guns Destroy Racism Be Like Panda Shirt

Eric & Gayle Glomski: [00:19:52] I heard Eric and Zoe say, oh, somebody is yelling for help. And I was like, what? Because I saw a guy and he was kind of waving at me and I was like, oh, hi.

Jacob: [00:20:00] It was a family, a mother, father, and their daughter. And I just started screaming, help. I’ve fallen and I’m really injured.

Eric & Gayle Glomski: [00:20:10] So my daughter and I kinda started walking towards them. We sped up cause it did sound like they were yelling for help. And we literally walked over a like big dried pool of blood, like, and that apparently was where he hit.

Jacob: [00:20:25] The dad sees me and he runs over, he sets his stuff down. He’s like, hey, are you okay? Can you move? What happened? When did you fall?

Eric & Gayle Glomski: [00:20:39] He basically at first glance looked like he had a broken nose and one of his like brows, I guess you call it the orbital, was like really messed up. And, uh, one of his ankles was really swollen up, and his arm was messed up, you know, and the guy fell off a cliff.

Jacob: [00:20:59] He grabs out his phone, puts a pin, right where he is, so he gets a GPS location. Tells his family, “hey, I’m going to go call 911. There’s no signal here. So I have to hike it out.” This man, with just his phone, sprinted back up the trail and started running out. They set up their packs for me to lean against. And all we did was talk.

Gayle Glomski: [00:21:26] We’re just trying to nurture him, care for and make sure again, he was staying conscious and, you know, trying to offer him food, but it was very uncomfortable for him. And so I lifted his shirt up and it was definitely a really beat up.

Eric Glomski:I just watched my phone and I just kept dialing 911, one every five or 10 minutes until I finally got through, which was almost all the way out of the canyon, of course. And, um, when I, uh, luckily, um, I had a map and I had pre-downloaded some stuff into Google Maps. So the spot where he was, I had exact coordinates for. So when I got through to search and rescue, I was able to tell them the exact coordinates.



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