Personalized Dear Dad Thanks For Teaching Me How To Be A Man Even Though I’m Your Daughter Mug


Personalized Dear Dad Thanks For Teaching Me How To Be A Man Even Though I'm Your Daughter Mug

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Personalized Dear Dad Thanks For Teaching Me How To Be A Man Even Though I’m Your Daughter Mug

Three as for getting paid for appearances…Oh dear God the horror…I have yet to meet anyone on the political, or celebrity scenes who DIDN’T charge for their services. Al Franken certainly does. And Michael Moore, dear God our college tried to get him, but he was far too pricy for our tastes. So let’s get off of that lame brain note. She charges to appear, big whoop. So does everyone else. No exceptions. Not even the exceptionally funny Bill Maher does it for free so move on.

And finally, the Iraqi war. Quite possibly the only issue I agree with our President on. Democrats said it themselves when they say “we should’ve taken him out ten years ago”. Yes we should’ve. But you know what? This isn’t a slam against the war, but rather a defense of it. Yes, we have left a man in power we should’ve taken out ten years ago. I’m so sick of hearing the war described as evil for “the death of innocents”. The carpetbombing of cities simply did not happen. That’s pure lie and spin. Two of the things I thought our wonderful author hated. Just admit it, you wouldn’t support this war under any circumstances. That’s what your objection is. As for the simply half-hearted assertion that nothing is ever won by force, you must’ve missed a good chunk of history. Let’s see, there was the Civil War, the Revolutionary War, WWI, WWII, and the first Desert Storm. All of those were solved by force and not by an inside dissent. You know, though, you have a point, Saddam wasn’t immortal, he had to die someday. And then one of his sons would’ve taken over and I suppose we would’ve begun again. Even assuming his sons were saints (and they weren’t), that could’ve been twenty or thirty years down the road. Since you decry the nazi state so much, I don’t understand why you don’t support our removal of Saddam. People dying for speaking political dissent isn’t more nazism than the government trying to illegalize abortion? If you can’t make that distinction you have your head firmly planted up your ass. This is a regime that openly raped and murdered its populous. So in essence all you’ve said here is that you don’t support military action for anything, no matter how evil the tyrant, no matter how aggregious the human rights violations. Would you stand by as your neighbor raped and murdered his wife? I’d hope not, because I tell you now, that is NOT christian. And that is NOT christ like love. That is more of a sick twist on Christ’s message than anything Coulter has EVER said. But to address your argument that it would’ve fizzled out one more time. Look at Rwanda. The tribal massacre of Hutu and Tootsie. Eventually an inner dispute came up, and helped stop the killing. But guess what, they had to act WITH FORCE. And by the time the inner dispute rose up to stop the killing more than a million people lay dead. If that doesn’t fill you with some shame in your policy, then I see no value in your input in foreign or domestic policy. You don’t give a damn about the Iraqi people or any other people, you just don’t ever want to go to war, EVER.



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