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Pro America Anti Biden Shirt

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Pro America Anti Biden Shirt, hoodie

If you believe he “want[ed] to shut down Fox, talk radio, and the Internet”, you are either pathetic misinformed, or deranged with tea baggery. I’ll welcome you to share your evidence of any attempt by Obama to “shut down Fox, talk radio, and the Internet”. You have none, other than horseshit you’ve been fed by Fox “News” who count on suckers like you believing their bullshit.

– Stopped the free fall of job lossesYes, yes, yes! The way he promised that if we were to HURRIEDLY pass that Stimulus bill, unemployment would not exceed 8%! Yeah, I noticed it was over 10%, but I guess you are not counting that?

Uh, feel free to share with us his “promise” to that end. I’ll look forward to your quote. (Though I’ll be waiting a life time for it, of course.)

Last time I checked, this was a free country – are you suggesting that it shouldn’t be? Are you suggesting that we should not be free to show up in protest at public meetings?

Your “patriotism” and “love of country” is impressive! But, um, where was vitriol when Bush was arresting folks for wearing anti-Bush T-shirts to rallies? Or even for wearing anti-Iraq t-shirts to State of the Union Speeches? Or did you only become “patriotic” recently? Feel free to point me to your outraged comments attacking Bush when he did that, and I”ll be free to apologize.

I can deal with most of the policy changes, I can deal with governing from the left

Me too. Wish he would. Lemme know when that happens.

but I sense and feel a growing divide and uneasy feeling with foreign affairs

Then join the rest of us in the real world, by watching something other than Fox “News”.

never have we had so many nations testing and pushing the limits as we have now.

See above. Seriously, Glenn Beck won’t take it personally.

Never have we had so many outspoken rulers mocking and chiding our president until now.

Seriously, have you been on a different planet for the last 8 years?!

Obama’s inability to deal effectively with foreign nations and rogue rulers makes me quite uneasy and fearful



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