Programming Is Thinking Not Typing Shirt, hoodie, tank top


Programming Is Thinking Not Typing Shirt

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Programming Is Thinking Not Typing Shirt, hoodie, tank top

Do you expect that your office style will change? How?

YG: I might actually lean into real-deal “office style”—something I’ve never really had to think about working in dress-code-averse magazine offices. The idea of knotting up an honest-to-goodness necktie in the morning before my commute feels real novel and fresh right now.

GC: I think I’m going to start wearing shorts to work, honestly.

JP: It’ll be Mary Kate and Ashley unapproachable for a while. Mama’s gotta relearn how to talk to people in personal for a minute.

NJ: I think I’ll be wearing fewer different things from here on out. I definitely got a lot more comfortable with having fewer pieces in the rotation and repeating much more frequently. There’s nothing wrong with that!

AW: More spontaneous formal wear.

TT: Nah, man. My offices have been sidelines most of my life. And the days when Sam Lacy, Stuart Scott or Ahmad Rashad talked to the biggest black stars in the world in dressy menswear is over. The stars bring big fits to hardwoods and fields. Why shouldn’t we?

RT: I’m going to FREAK IT.

CC: I can’t decide whether I’m going to go super buttoned up or carry over my ultra-pratical pandemic style into the after. It’ll probably be some freaky combo of the two—ironing a linen shirt only to tuck it into Baggies? TBD!

How about your day-to-day personal style?

RT: Larger and weirder.

CG: I’m probably going to wear a mask forever. Not only does it bump you up +2 hot points but it helps keep other germs away (and it was nice to go a year without getting a cold). I mean, we all spent the past however many months basically getting a PhD’s in how particulates disperse through the air. Why would you not?

Grossman: Slightly weirder, marginally more advanced, decidedly less polished.

JP: It’ll be more personal! Trends are dead for me, I’m digging deeper into the things I discovered that I like the most: porny 70s louche fabrics and fits and colors.



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