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The sheriff’s office approached the home Daniels was staying at. The man fled on foot into a wooded area, but a K-9 unit, accompanied by several deputies, were able to track Daniels deep in the woods and take him into custody. Daniels was eventually extradited back to Virginia and has been behind bars ever since.

During Monday’s preliminary hearing, presided over by Judge David Hicks, the Commonwealth’s Attorney called three witnesses to testify; two eyewitnesses and an investigator with RPD. The defense was allowed to cross-examine each subject.


The first witness called was Jason Jones, who was driving on Brookland Park Boulevard during the time of the crash. Jones said he was dropping off his brother when a white pick-up truck barreled out of a side street and cut him off. He goes on to say that the driver ”didn’t stop, swerved, revved and stomped on the gas” while cars were stopped at the red light. Jones said he heard the impact, which sounded like a “loud boom” and saw the aftermath, describing it as “a plane crash and car parts were scattered everywhere”. Jones estimated Daniels driving anywhere from 70 to 80 mph and said the entire time the light at the intersection remained red.


The second witness called was William Cooper who said on Thanksgiving night, he and his wife were driving eastbound on Brookland Park Boulevard, stopped at a red light when a white truck came across the intersection at a ”good speed”. He adds the truck hit one car, bounced into another and at some point his car was hit. Cooper said he checked to make sure his wife was okay and ran to the white pick-up truck where he spotted Ryann Daniels.



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