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Rigged 2020 45th Is Still My President Shirt

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Rigged 2020 45th Is Still My President Shirt, hoodie, tank top

Showed that he could not only make the tough military choices but explain and defend them brilliantly

Guys a good speaker. And a liar.

COMMENT #14 [Permalink]… Brad Friedman said on 12/21/2009 @ 4:53 pm PT…

I’ve got my own differences with Frank’s position, but I’ll raise them on air next week when I’m guest hosting the Mike Malloy Show (from Dallas!) and Frank will be one of my guests.

For now then, I can’t help but respond to a few of Sally Hill’s ridiculous comments to Frank’s piece. She said:

You feel that waiting 3 months to make the decision was good enough? I’m not sure we should be in Iraq OR Afghanistan, but for God’s sake – if our men and women are there, we should support them!

Sorry, gotta call bullshit wingnut-ism here. Fact is, whether you like the decision Obama eventually made, he took an appropriate amount of time in an appropriately deliberative process. Gen. McChrystal made his private recommendations, and asked for action to be taken in 2010. Obama is doing exactly that.

Criticize Obama’s eventual decision all you like, but please spare us the “we should support [the troops]!” bullshit. Obama has, so far, been FAR more supportive of the troops than Bush ever was, in more ways than there are pixels here to enumerate. And I have skin this game in Afghanistan. The troops are not anymore yours to use as political chess pieces than they were for Bush or they would be for Obama now.

NO – he was not successful in dealing with the Afgan war.

Frank never asserted that he was. Argue his point, if you wish, but you are not welcome to make one up out of whole clothe. Obama’s success or failure in Afghanistan hasn’t even begun to reveal itself either way, as I suspect you know. Or would be, if your partisanship hadn’t otherwise blinded you so.



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