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Sewing I’ll Be In My Office Shirt, hoodie

Jesus was not going to tell you two plus two equals five. Jesus had a big heart, but he was no dummy. He had compassion, but he was no sucker. Regret and atonement were absolutes to gain compassion. Right and wrong were unavoidable. Go and sin no more, he told the adultress. He forgave her, but he didn’t ask her if her husband was insensitive to her needs. I submit that he found her penitent.

Preening on about how concerned one is, is cheap and easy. Ted Kennedy does it regularly. I personally would like to see him do something in public to atone for his part in the death of Mary Joe Kopechne. That’s just me.

Ann Coulter highllights absurdity with absurdity. She’s good at it. She scores points vs. Liberals and their mindless assertions of their moral superiority. That many of them do so from the distinct comfort of upper middle class lifestyles has long made me skeptical, nay, cynical about them. Coulter too. I think it is not her “hate speech” that offends liberals so much as her ability to cut through their platitudes to the essential contradictions of their points of view.

Do a little thing to prove me wrong.

Decry Ted Rall’s vicious cartoon. It is hate speech, pure and simple.

COMMENT #74 [Permalink]… Aaron W. Moles said on 11/29/2005 @ 9:51 pm PT…

What is this woman talking about that Jesus was a bleeding heart liberal??? Is she reading different Bible than me or what? See, last time I checked the Bible, God did not support Homosexuality, Abortion, and unless history has magically changed itself God completely destroyed Sodom and Gomorah for being so sinful. This country’s moral fiber has decayed and is becoming worse day after day. Yeah, in a perfect world there would be peace and everybody would just love each other and La Dee Fucking Da, whoops, God said we are all sinners and we all fall short of his glory. WE DON’T LIVE IN A PERFECT WORLD!!!! We just do the best we can and try to survive until God can sort out all of the assholes. Secondly, Lydia comes out and says “I never mix religion with politics” (emphasis on never) and then goes on to describe the Messiah of a religion that she obviously knows nothing about. At least Ann’s not completely hipocritical, and if she is at least she’s smart enough to hide it. Whoa, hold your horses, I have genius idea, I’ll say that I never do something, and as soon as I say that, I’ll do it.

Sheer Genius Lydia



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