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Six 6 Stages Of Debugging Shirt

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Six 6 Stages Of Debugging Shirt, hoodie, tank top

“The location of the explosives at Qaqaa had been so well known to inspectors that they appeared routinely in reports written by ElBaradei to the Security Council.”

“the disappearance of the HMX, or ”High-Melting Point Explosive,” caused particular alarm because the lightweight substance is twice as powerful as an ordinary plastic explosive and is not easily set off by an accident as other substances are. That makes it the perfect detonator for a nuclear device, or in attacks on large buildings or planes”

“at least three major bombing sites in Iraq tested positive for HMX or RDX”

Ricky Says: “That story didnt have legs because what the liberals were claiming wasnt true.”

Well Little Ricky, because of Chimpy the Sock Monkey’s idiocy (with Value Added Idiocy by trolls like YOU and a HUGE assist by a PROPAGANDIST MEDIA OWNED BY REPUGNANTCANS) this story’s not the only thing missing it’s legs, but it’s untold numbers of US Soldiers, Iraqi women and children who are missing legs, arms, feet and THEIR LIVES!!

The reason this story “disappeared” is our Chicken-Shit Media has been cowering from our Idiot King from 9-11 on and has been (up until recently) cancelling any actual reporting in favor of the “Missing White Chick of the Day” fluff….

For God’s Sake Ricky, get a clue!!

COMMENT #14 [Permalink]… Robert Lockwood Mills said on 11/25/2005 @ 7:26 am PT…

Ricky might better tell the following people that stories started by the “liberal media” (does anyone believe that crap any more?) will evanesce into nothing because the stories are based on “lies”:

Scooter Libby…Facing up to 30 years in jailDick Cheney…V.P. (For Whom Libby’s Bell Tolls)Judy Miller…Out-of-work, discredited journalistBob Woodward…Journalistic reputation tarnishedKarl Rove…Facing renewed scrutiny by FitzgeraldValerie Plame…Cover blown, career at C.I.A. OverMichael Scanlon…Pleaded guilty, helping prosecutorJack Abramoff…See Michael ScanlonRep. Tom DeLay (Texas)…See Jack AbramoffRep. Bob Ney (Ohio)…See Jack AbramoffGov. Bob Taft (Ohio)…Guilty plea to misdemeanorsThomas Noe…Already indicted for political crimesThomas Noe…Yet to be indicted for CoingateBernadette Noe…Soon to be eating dinner alone



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