Sleepy Joe Is Not My President Shirt, hoodie, tank top


Sleepy Joe Is Not My President Shirt

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Sleepy Joe Is Not My President Shirt, hoodie, tank top

After the encounter Moonves refused to speak to her, and she was frozen out of meetings at Lorimar, she alleged. ‘I was hung out to dry,’ she said. ‘And that was pretty much the end of my career. I wasn’t going to get a reference.’

When Morris contemplated filing a formal complaint without naming names, she said she was discouraged by the company’s legal and human resources departments.

‘Who’s going to believe you? You’re no one,’ she recalled her contact in the legal department saying.

‘His statement was incredible. Absolutely incredible. It made me sick,’ she told me. ‘He’s cunning. He’s calculating. And he’s a predator.’

Prominent actress (unnamed) – late 1980s

A leading actress who played a policewoman in a popular CBS programme also came forward to tell her story, but refused to give her name out of fear of reprisals.

Moonves invited her out for lunch in the late 1980s at the height of her show’s popularity. She had known Moonves for years, and at the time he was working for a production company called Lorimar.

At the lunch, Moonves told the actress he had a crush on her but had not said so before because she had been in a relationship. She thanked him for the lunch but declined his advances.

When Moonves had become CBS president in 1995, she phoned up to congratulate him. ‘You should have f**** me when I asked you too,’ he told her. Taking it as a joke, the actress replied, ‘No s***!’ and they both laughed.

However, shortly afterwards the actress was informed her series deal with CBS had been cancelled. Shocked, she called Moonves and they met in his office. There, Moonves explained he had let her go because he was targeting younger talent, but repeated again that he was ‘attracted to her’, she says.



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