So There Is This Girl Who Kinda Stole My Heart She Calls Me Granddad Shirt, hoodie, tank top


So There Is This Girl Who Kinda Stole My Heart She Calls Me Granddad Shirt

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So There Is This Girl Who Kinda Stole My Heart She Calls Me Granddad Shirt, hoodie, tank top

But I was looking at some of your stats around Black Friday this past year. 71 percent of your purchases were on a phone. Almost all of those, I’m guessing, happened in someone else’s app, not in a browser. That’s just the nature of phones. And if you’re always mediated by a Facebook app or an Amazon app or some other kind of platform, if I’m a small business, I’m always worried about them more than I’m necessarily even worried about my business.

What you just described there makes the point of why independent retail and commerce is so important. Because look, we don’t know what’s going to happen in the future. If this was 10 years ago, we may be talking about our partnership with MySpace, where if merchants want to get exposure to that demographic, they sell on MySpace. A better way to think about retail is, you need to sell everywhere, not just one place.

And by the way, The 71 percent on the phone that you’re talking about during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, that week in 2020, the majority of that was actually on the individual online store, not on Instagram, not on any of these other platforms. The majority was direct. That, actually, what you’re describing is why direct-to-consumer, I think, is being misunderstood. Direct-to-consumer is being interpreted now as a bit of a trend. That it is very trendy right now to buy directly from the maker. It’s not a trend. That’s how commerce always should’ve been. The baker was the one you bought bread from and the cobbler is where you went to buy your shoes.

What happened was in the 1800s, you had all these department stores that popped up and they created this massive intermediation. And what is happening now is the internet has democratized distribution so that you don’t need intermediaries anymore. But I think what’s happening now is now, merchants and brands actually have more control and more independence than they did when they were locked on someone else’s marketplace or locked in the shelves of a department store.

So actually, I respectfully disagree that you’re locked on one particular app. Because if one of these apps does well and then begins to tax you, you have all these other places you can go. One of our most popular channels for a particular vertical is actually Pinterest or Houzz. If you’re selling home furniture on Shopify, it behooves you to unlock and activate the Houzz channel. But that would be completely irrelevant if you’re selling glasses, glasses that you wear. So I actually think that this is a more democratized time for commerce because you have more choice as a merchant.

So let’s walk through an example with, let’s call it a snowboard shop. I think that’s a good one you might be familiar with. Usually I use a flower shop, but let’s do snowboards. So I’ve got a snowboard shop here in Wisconsin. It’s very confusing.

Especially. Right now as we talk, it’s probably beautiful outside, right?

Yeah, exactly. But I’m running my snowboard shop. I’m saying, “I want to grow my business.” Two basic pathways I can go. I’ve got an existing customer base, I’m just going to sell them more stuff. You are interested in snowboards, now I got gloves too. And we’re just going to sell more stuff to our existing customer base.



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