This Is The Way Trump Shirt, hoodie, tank top


This Is The Way Trump Shirt

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This Is The Way Trump Shirt, hoodie, tank top

Thank you Brad and all, JNps. Let’s all keep in mind how aggressively and effectively Rahm, Barak and Biden are protecting US war criminals while refusing to fulfill their duty as protectors of Constitutional Law. Hell they haven’t even fired Karl Rove’s handpicked US Attorneys.Pps. Comments 25 and 26 rock too. I keep forgetting all the corporate oligarchic fascist takeovers BushBama’s rushing through. Probably easier to look up the staff he’s assembled (when he wasn’t busy purging real Progressives) and their careers. Arne Duncan? Tim Geitner? Ben Bernanke? Leura Canary? Rahm Emmanuel? His choices for watchdogs of industry from the biggest offenders in industry? Monsanto? Diebold?….. Seriously, why doesn’t he save us all the hassle and just openly put Rove back in his old office space?

COMMENT #33 [Permalink]… Sally Hill said on 12/21/2009 @ 10:29 pm PT…

No blood pressure problems here, sorry to disappoint.

Why is it that when you Obama supporters run out of excuses for him, you resort to correcting people’s typo’s, punctuation, spelling, and grammar? LOL It’s become so common place, it must be in your rule book that the Obama camp gives those that are paid bloggers or either just volunteer for the job.

Am I admitting I was wrong? Did I lie? – NO, but if it makes you feel better to think I was and did, go right ahead, or ban me if it would help. I gave you a quote from their campaign that backed up what I paraphrased – if you don’t believe it – then do some research, it’s out there.

Why does everyone have to be wingnuts and whatever else you call people just because they have a different opinion? I have argued with you just fine without resorting to calling you names or trying to degrade you in any way. It’s called respect for your fellow American – too bad the nation as a whole no longer sees such an attribute as important.

People’s blogs go into archives after awhile, and I post here and there and when it is no longer intellectual, I drop the blog and go elsewhere – I’m not loyal to any one blog. I tried to find a post of mine from just 3 months ago, and couldn’t remember the blogs name, finally found it, and the whole original post had been removed along with the comments. I have no idea why you feel I am lying to you, I’ve told you, I didn’t like Bush any more than I like Obama. I have real problems with the stunts the Bush Admin pulled.



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