To My Mom For All The Times That I Forget To Thank You Army Poster


To My Mom For All The Times That I Forget To Thank You Army Poster

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To My Mom For All The Times That I Forget To Thank You Army Poster

Only on one point may I disagree. The rest was excellent, and worthy of applause. The death penalty has long been a misunderstood issue with Christians. I blame this mainly on our last pope. He had a personal opinion, and unfortunately he did not explain the distinction between that opinion and the position of the Church through the centuries and why it has been as it is with the rest of us.

We have a profound respect for life, but in the case of capital crimes, we are respecting more the life unjustly taken. Only capital punishment can be a fitting sentence for those that commit such a thing. Only that will show the gravity of it to those who might consider doing it themselves. Strictly as a Christian thing, murder is one of the sins the cry to Heaven for justice. We are personally responsible to forgive the individual no matter how grievous the offense, for we will be judged in part of how forgiving we are. But the responsibility of the state to enforce its laws remains. Remember, the Old Testament says �an eye for an eye.� Did Christ replace that law? No, he simply clarified our new personal expectations while leaving the original law intact.

Ah, but what about the story of the woman being stoned as a whore by the mob, and Christ intervened? Simple, mob rule is not rule of law. Many of those holding stones had frequented her business or those of others like her, hence �let those of you without sin cast the first stone.� They were hypocrites, and He knew it.

Let us look instead to the rest of the New Testament. Interestingly, Christ never spoke against the occupying Romans. Instead he taught to �render to Caesar what is Caesar�s, and to God what is God�s.� In fact, when He was being condemned himself he would not speak to Herod, for he was simply a puppet king, but would submit to the authority of Pontius Pilate, as his authority had been given him by God. He accepted his sentence, never spoke against the ghastly practice they used to eliminate their enemies and criminals.

So, what Cornell says is wrong from a Christian standpoint. Jesus was not the great peacemaker. He made no peace with warring factions. He didn�t even entertain the idea that the Romans had no right to be where they were. This is part of why the Jews rejected him. Their past saviors (ie David, Moses) had delivered them from temporal suffering. He did not come for that.

We could use that example all over the place with current events. Such as, a lack of respect for the president by a Christian is to thumb your nose at the authority of God.

COMMENT #64 [Permalink]… Eat it up said on 11/29/2005 @ 1:42 pm PT…

Is there even a single man on the left? It doesn’t appear so. Being irrational and inherently dishonest, leftism isn’t attractive to most men. Except the very evil, of course. But then you all do have your favorites, like the 5 cm self-abusing traitor/child-molestor/drug addict/rapist/bribe-taker/draft-dodger, don’t you.



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