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Wanna Smoke Alpaca Bowl Shirt, hoodie, tank top

“Her family was separate from her work,” Tori said. “She had two lives, and she gave her all to both.”

At St. Paul’s, Dudeck played twice a month, once for the assisted living residents and once at the weekly cocktail party. On those latter weeks, Community Life Coordinator Ruth Metcalf said, she had to set up extra tables and chairs and purchase extra alcohol.

“As word spread around through the facility, it was like, ‘Did you see who moved in?’” Metcalf said. “It was quite a stir. They all knew her and had to come to see her, even when she wasn’t performing.”

Contributed by the South Bend Tribune

Provided Peter Yu

Name: Peter Yu

City/Town: South Bend

Age: 63

Died: Oct. 31

On Oct. 20, Dr. Peter L. Yu was doing what he had done for three decades at Memorial Hospital in South Bend, making rounds to see patients, when he fainted.

Taken to the emergency room, the initial test for COVID-19 came back negative as he was admitted to the care of his colleagues.

On the next day, a second test came back positive. But Yu told an old classmate from medical school on the phone, “I’ll be out of here soon.”

His condition wavered. Pneumonia took grip. So did kidney failure from his diabetes and hypertension. He seemed to improve, then suddenly declined again. He died having never left the hospital complex.

“Dr. Yu was a wonderful physician who continually stepped up to help our community and cared deeply about his patients,” said Dr. Dale Patterson, Memorial’s vice president of medical affairs. “He will be greatly missed. ”

Yu was a doctor of physical medicine and rehabilitation. Aside from Memorial, he was a consulting doctor at four local nursing homes. He also had owned rehab medicine clinics in South Bend and Merrillville.



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