Warning The Girls Are Drinking Again Flamingo Shirt, hoodie, tank top


Warning The Girls Are Drinking Again Flamingo Shirt

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Warning The Girls Are Drinking Again Flamingo Shirt, hoodie, tank top

Skylar got back to her room after going on a nice walk and casually got on her computer and changed her relationship status to single. She began working on homework, not having class until the afternoon. She could feel her roommate moving from her stomach to her intestines as she worked, it felt nice. Skylar was thinking about Kimberly. They both are around the same age, at the same place, and started eating people at the same time. For once, Skylar felt like she may be able to piece together information as to why she can do what she does. In this sense Kimberly was incredibly valuable to Skylar. However, Skylar knew from her own experience that interacting with a predator is a dangerous game and any conversation between the two of them is going to have tension.

As this train of thought continued, Skylar received an email from an address that was a bunch of random letters followed by an @ with the same series of random letters and no top-level domain name . The email had no subject and read:

Dear Skylar,

I have become aware that you possess both a chemical solution that can help with digestion. One of my clients has a very similar diet to yours and is having a lot of trouble with a meal and could use it. I am able and willing to provide more than fair monetary compensation for instructions on how to make it.

As for who I am, I am a scientist with a very specific interest in people with your trait. Now that I’ve introduced myself I suppose I will also reveal that I have been observing you through Emma, your roommate and one of my employees. If you are interested in a more formal participation in my research in exchange for payment or want to know more about us, ask her. I can not take replies from this address but she knows how to contact me.

One last thing, I’ve noticed the amount of disappearances around Greenlands has been very high for just one of your type being there, I’m glad you’re finding plenty of food.



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