What Is A Veteran A Veteran Whether Active Duty Shirt, hoodie, tank top


What Is A Veteran A Veteran Whether Active Duty Shirt

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What Is A Veteran A Veteran Whether Active Duty Shirt, hoodie, tank top

TYRUS: Doesn’t matter how you carry him and what you promise them eventually they’re going to sting you. This isn’t even a political group. You don’t have enough depth to have a political agenda. It’s just give me free stuff or I’ll burn you down. If — they’re just children that need a good old fashioned spanking and who better than the boys in blue and our National Guard to get things right down there.

MONTGOMERY: But they are arrested but the DA will not charge them with anything. So it’s a catch and release program. And Mike Schmidt who’s the D.A. In Portland has done an incredible disservice to people who live there and businesses in the entire community and not to mention people who would ever go visit there. Why would you?

TYRUS: See, if I was married, it’d be catch and catch.

GUTFELD: Yes. Exactly.


TYRUS: Catch and keep. Catch and keep catching keep would be my philosophy and the general would have been out.

GUTFELD: But I would be catch and release but from a bridge.


GUTFELD: No, no, no. A short little bridge so they land comfortably in water.


MONTGOMERY: It is the city of bridges.


MONTGOMERY: It’s the city of bridges.

GUTFELD: It is a beautiful city of bridges.

TYRUS: Lots of fog too. Hard to identify. Let’s point that out there.

GUTFELD: Being hard to identify, what happens like in the — at some point, this Antifa thing is going to die down. How do they get jobs? Do they get jobs? Are these just — do we end up just taking care of these (BLEEP) idiots?

KILMEADE: No one’s working and now Antifa, all you have to do is apply for to get your unemployment poster in college at least until — they’re going to happen until at least September.


KILMEADE: So they can’t wait or they can’t get that busboy job they aspire to. It’s not going to happen.


GUTFELD: No, no, no. Yes. Don’t knock the busboys.

KILMEADE: I’m sorry. I apologize.

GUTFELD: You know what, Fox and Friends elitists with your curvy couches and your cooking segments think you can come up in here and bash the busboys?

TYRUS: Right. Yes.

GUTFELD: You know, neither (INAUDIBLE) would do that. The old one or the other one.

KILMEADE: You are — you’re angry about the busboys than you are about Antifa.


TYRUS: We don’t know his backstory. We don’t know his years of —


GUTFELD: I was raised by busboys.



KILMEADE: I like to see those adoption paper.

TYRUS: We’re missing the point though, they’re out looking for jobs to get elitist to donate GoFundMe pages.



KILMEADE: No, you know what they want to be.

TYRUS: You know, they get — so there’s no point to work.

FLEISCHER: No, no, no, no, when they grow up, they all want to be social media influencers, that’s their job.

GUTFELD: Well, good luck with that. All right. We got to take a break. I’m so excited about this next block, it’s Fauci vs. Rogan in the latest vaccine wars.


GUTFELD: It’s the UFC versus the CDC. Podcast King Joe Rogan had to explain his comments about young people and the COVID vaccine after getting corrected by Pope Fauci. This is what Rogen originally said.


Joe Rogan, UFC color commentator: People say, do you think it’s safe to get vaccinated? I’ve said, yes, I think for the most part, it’s safe to get vaccinated. I do. I do. But if you’re like 21 years old and you say to me, should I get vaccinated? I go, no. Are you healthy? Are you a healthy person? Like, look, don’t do anything stupid but you should take care of yourself. But there’s a lot of jobs that will tell you need to have this.



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