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Women In Science Shirt, hoodie

So this comes back to, the kind of theme of this whole conversation is the power of different platforms expressed in different ways. Shopify is a big platform. That’s a lot of power to have over the economy, over entrepreneurship. What is the philosophical conversation around writing and rewriting that acceptable use policy?

Are these products that we believe should exist in the world, that we think consumers want in the world, that we are proud to say are powered by Shopify? And again, that’s the reason why we don’t want to be random.

Is it proud? Again, it is a different kind of conversation than I have with the social media companies. Social media companies are not out there saying, “I’m proud of this tweet.” But you’re saying, you want to be proud of your products.

You can use a bunch of different terms for it. If it incites violence, it’s off. If it’s illegal in the jurisdiction, it’s off. If it causes harm, like a ghost gun, it’s off. So it’s not necessarily just a pride or a personal pride about it. It is like, “This is a framework. You don’t have to agree with it, but this is the framework we’ve decided, of acceptable stores on the platform. And if you don’t like that, you can go to another platform.” In fact, some people that get kicked off go to other platforms.

But also, it’s not just about what they’re selling. Copyright infringement [is] allowed on other platforms. If we see a store that is infringing on any type of intellectual property, either on a trademark or a copyright or anything of that nature, it’s gone. We don’t allow it. We notify the merchants and say, “Here’s the reason why we’re taking these steps.” And we give them a chance to explain or provide us proof that they actually do own the IP. But they can go elsewhere. It’s just, on Shopify, these are the stores that are permitted.

Does this take up as much of your time, company, brain space, as it does for social media platform companies, where it seems like it’s the controversy they live in, that’s the choice they’ve made in their lives?



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