Hell is empty and all the devils are here poster



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In historic days, most Yorubas regarded Offa, a city in Kwara State, to be very far in order that they would say that “Offa jin amo Oje (a defunct town after Offa) tun Jina ju Offa lo”, that means that Offa is far but Oje is farther than Ofa. As they moved beyond Oje despite the fact, they discovered many greater cities and lands such that they could not cover every thing so the elders changed their words to “Ohun ti n mbe leyin Offa o ju Oje lo”, which means that the issues and areas which are farther from Ofa are more Oje. What this proverb ability contextually is that there is extra to lifestyles than competencies, that there is more to a matter than what is considered or standard or that issues aren’t at all times what they seem.

it’s general, as an instance, that in some instances, bad issues take place to good americans (Eccl. 10:5-7). One of the challenges that believers face during this spiritual world is with the devil and his cohorts, it really is, his agents, his companions or his recruits who are americans that we encounter every day in our areas of labor, commissions and assignments. The satan recruits americans every day and locations them on assignments to kill, steal and wreck (John 10:10a). Ephesians 6:12 says that we’re in a battlefield and the warfare isn’t against any individual but with the devil and his cohorts, who operates as principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of this world and religious wickedness in excessive areas (Psalms fifty six:1,2,5,6). No longer handiest that, 1 Peter 5:eight says that the devil is the adversary of believers and he walks about as a roaring lion in every day search of whom to devour. In Revelation 12:10, Jesus Christ printed him as the accuser of the brethren who’s always looking for offenses.

From our text, we’re confronted with an upright man referred to as Job, a man who become uploaded with the first-class issues of existence by using God however was offloaded of all by the devil the use of his cohorts. It’s unlucky that the destinies of loads of believers are destroyed and offloaded on a day such because the Valentine’s day. A day set aside primarily to exhibit the love of God to humanity and to remind all that love might be the groundwork of judging the area but which the devil has hijacked for amorous relationships geared toward shortchanging destinies. On a night such because the Valentine’s day, a lot of spiritually ignorant guys and women lose their religious guards for couple of minutes and that they because of this switch their glories to the satan and his cohorts, and when they awoke in the morning of right here day they’ve develop into destitute of fate for life.

Kindly be counseled loved that the satan is after children and americans of glory to dump the uploaded advantages and benefits. Following the primary accusation, the hedge of Job changed into removed, he became defenseless and his joy grew to become to unhappiness. One day, he lost his oxen, donkeys and servants to the Sabeans who had been cohorts of satan, identical day fireplace burnt his sheep and servants, equal day, the Chaldeans who had been hobnobbers of the devil, took away his camels and killed his servants and that equal day, a great wind, an accomplice of the devil, came from the wilderness and snuffed lifestyles from his little kids.

liked in Christ, kindly be recommended that zeal for God quantities to nothing earlier than the devil if there is a religious hole (Revelation 3:1). Additionally notice that, Religiosity devoid of power of the Holy Spirit is empty as there’s a change between Christian religiosity and non secular maturity. Whereas faith energizes your tempo to the church, spirituality turns your face to the go. It’s additionally precious of notice that before any day on the earth there have to have been a day in heaven and that your ‘coat of many colours’ and your desires of life goal shall attract the enmities of the devil and his cohorts.

Are you having considerations together with your schooling, economy or marriage; are your babies now not doing neatly, are you experiencing strange illnesses, extraordinary error, delay in marriage, unfruitfulness after marriage, intractable marital squabbles over nothing, thoughts of divorce or separation, no employment and so forth, it is absolutely now not over with you. Despite the extreme travails of Job, in Job 19:25, he exclaimed that “i know that my Lord lives”, and in Chapter forty two, the devil removed his palms from him and he turned into restored double.  cherished in Christ, it’s for this type of purpose that the son of man changed into made happen to smash the works of the devil (1 John 3:eight). Psalm 30:5 says that ‘weeping might also endure for an evening however pleasure comes in the morning’. I congratulate you for here’s the advent and morning of your impressive victory because for each fate destroyer, there is your God, he is a fate restorer. His name is Jesus Christ. He is the Captain of your salvation, he’s your look after and our Buckler, he’s the style, the actuality and the lifestyles. He is the notable certainly one of Shekinah glory. Your season of rejoicing is here. There will be peace on your domestic.  enough of complaining and weeping, here’s your season of pleasure. You will definitely shine. The glory of God might be considered upon you. As the Lord lives, that Prince of Persia in your father’s residence and mom’s condo shall let go of your blessings.

Or buy here : Hell is empty and all the devils are here poster

Hell is empty and all the devils are here poster




Hell is empty and all the devils are here poster

Hell is empty and all the devils are here poster

Hell is empty and all the devils are here poster


What you should do is to hand over your life to Jesus and renounce all association with the devil and his agents, be spiritually vigilant and put off carnal works of darkness (I Peter 5:8), cry to God for assist (Psalm 56: 9), put on the full armor of God (Proverbs 21:31), face up to the devil (James four:7) and prevent terrible concepts (Proverbs 4:23). Please notice that this season of Lent is the advent of your victory over the satan and his cohorts. There is therefore no plan of hell and there is no scheme of men that can and will be in a position to abort your divine plan and goal within the identify of Jesus




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