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losing an elimination on The problem: All Stars is not enjoyable. However for Nehemiah Clark and Kendal Sheppard — who had both already been sent into the area this season and gained — losing to Eric “massive easy” Banks and Jisela Delgado in episode 7 stung so a good deal that Sheppard still hasn’t watched the episode.

“It happened a long time in the past, and i did not think it might be any big deal looking at it now, however I have no idea why i assumed that,” Sheppard tells EW. “I aroused from sleep this morning to a bunch of DMs from individuals asserting how they were crying observing and that they’re so unhappy, and that got me definitely unhappy. So now I haven’t even watched it — I’ve viewed a pair clips, and that i just cannot convey myself to do it yet. Is never that ridiculous?”

For Clark, the toughest a part of dropping become realizing that he selected Sheppard as his elimination associate and for this reason had a hand in her exit. “The undeniable fact that it was a double elimination and that I needed to even have a person go in there with me, that i used to be linked to someone’s destiny which took place to be Kendal, it was harder watching me wanting to convey someone in there with me vs. Looking at myself lose,” he says. “It became more durable for me to watch her lose.”

“Even within the moment,” Sheppard provides, “right after we had misplaced, Nehemiah, I felt so bad for you because you have been like, ‘I simply ruined your possibilities of winning $500,000.’ you were not even thinking about your own probability, you were speaking about my chance. You’re just such a fine individual.”

below, Clark and Sheppard smash down the blindside you did not see within the episode, what precisely took place in that removing, and more.

Juan Cruz Rabaglia/Paramount+ Contestants fight it out on ‘The problem: All Stars’

amusement WEEKLY: What were your dreams coming onto All Stars?

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KENDAL SHEPPARD: i wished to win. I went in undefeated. [Laughs] I had executed one challenge, and that i won it. I had done one elimination, and i received it. However I simply failed to in fact suppose that a female could win, and so I directly acquired that out of my head and basically honed in on what is it that I need, which is to go and exhibit my youngsters that mom remains cool. And that i did that! So in that sense, I won.

NEHEMIAH CLARK: when I appear back at the other Challenges, the one query that I requested myself changed into, if i used to be 100% honest, did I provide it my all? And out of maybe four Challenges I believe that there is one that i can say that about, and that i did not want that to be the case again. I wished to have at the least one ultimate problem where I might say that I did not do it half-assed or listened to the incorrect individuals on strategy or how I should still have performed the game, as an alternative of listening to myself. That changed into the greatest thing, and showing individuals that i am a competitor and that I do deserve that spot on the demonstrate.

Nehemiah, what became your response when Aneesa forged the determining vote sending you into removing?

SHEPPARD: That was no longer the figuring out vote! It was all out of order. She became really the one that all started the whole cascade for everybody to vote Nehemiah. So the ultimate vote wasn’t the deciding component, however I mean, in a method she determined it as a result of she form of flipped in the starting, and then individuals followed suit.

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If It Doesn’t Challenge You It Doesn’t hange You Poster

CLARK: Yeah, and that i definitely had an settlement with Aneesa and Derrick appropriate before the nominations, we shook hands and everything that they’d vote for yes. It is why I noted yes, because it really is what Jisela observed she desired. And when I requested effortless who he desired, he did not say my name at that time. When Derrick talked about my name at the nominations of this is what convenient desired, that turned into the very first time I had heard my name, so it became all simply very shady.




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