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it is November 2019 and Arthur Voigt Jr. Looks on as a lone piper performs a mournful lament at a remembrance carrier on the German military Cemetery, in Glencree, County Wicklow.

Dignitaries from ireland, Germany, and different European nations have gathered on the cemetery to pay their respects to the German war lifeless who perished on Irish soil throughout both World Wars, whereas a smattering of locals have also braved the bloodless November circumstances to attend the carrier.

The German armed forces Cemetery in Glencree is a cornerstone in eire’s publish-war relationship with Germany and is a big web page for any individual with German heritage living in eire. For Arthur Voigt, besides the fact that children, the connection is way more very own.

Arthur Voigt Sr. Become a part of a five-man Luftwaffe crew that stomach-landed on Rostoonstown seashore, in County Wexford, on March three, 1941.

The bombardier and navigator become fortunate to live on an sick-fated assault on a British tanker in the Bristol Channel unscathed, however the flight’s mechanic Gerd Rister was much less lucky.

Rister was hit by way of machine-gun fire after his pilot Alfred Heinzel made the questionable decision to make a 2nd bombing run on the tanker devoid of the aspect of surprise. For Arthur Voigt, this choice turned into “pure insanity”.

Rister died within the plane moments after the bombing run, however his crew failed to have time to mourn for him.

With one engine blown out absolutely and the different greatly damaged, the crew’s Heinkel 111 airplane had no chance of creating it back to the German base in Brest, in northern France.

Crash landing

confronted with a call of crash landing in eire or Britain, the four surviving Germans chose to make for impartial eire within the hope that they would receive greater favorable medication than if they landed in adversarial Britain.

And so, the four airmen have been to be found on a remote beach in southern Wexford, fitting probably the most first German troopers to crash land in ireland all over the 2nd World conflict.

German pilot Alfred Heinzel with an Irish military officer at the crash website of the Heinkel 111 plane. Arthur Voigt

The guys had been below orders to wreck their plane if they landed in a foreign territory and set about their task after cautiously getting rid of Rister’s physique to the sanctuary of a nearby dune.

Voigt took a stick of dynamite from his pocket and positioned it beneath the aircraft’s partly broken engine however quickly found out that not one of the men had any fits to set it alight. However, salvation got here in the type of a bemused aged Irish man, who offered a field of defense fits on the behest of the determined troopers.

alas for the soldiers, the dynamite nonetheless refused to ignite, forcing Voigt into some brief pondering.

He ripped a installed machine gun from the airplane and carried it to a close-by dune along with two full magazines earlier than emptying both magazines into the airplane. At long last, a bullet made its way into the plane’s fuselage and blew it to pieces. Those photographs have been the last photographs that Voigt would hearth all over the struggle and he forged his Walter P38 pistol into a native lake, symbolizing that his fighting days were over.

Unsurprisingly, the commotion alerted eire’s protection forces and an Irish military officer quickly arrived on the scene astride a motorbike to take the men into custody.

They have been taken to a local pub, in the tiny village of Tacumshane, where they were given a fry-up, Guinness, and different food and drinks that they hadn’t viewed in years before they had been taken to Wexford Barracks.


tomorrow, the guys have been taken to the internment camp, at the Curragh, accordingly starting the “greatest four years” of Voigt’s life and an not likely and enduring tale of romance.

The guys have been very nearly instantly proved appropriate in their assumption that they had been more advantageous served crashlanding in ireland than Britain and internment in the Curragh proved to be a four-yr holiday from the horrors of battle, especially when Hitler made the ill-fated determination to invade the Soviet Union as a part of Operation Barbarossa presently after their internment.

The soldiers had been in a position to get pleasure from existence in a country that generally prevented the perils of the second World conflict, incomes a revenue from the German Legate, in Dublin, and taking talents of the Irish govt’s “honor equipment”, which allowed internees to come back and go from the Curragh so long as they had been returned before an agreed time.

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Living In America With British Roots Poster

Living In America With British Roots Poster

Living In America With British Roots Poster

while British troopers chose to make use of that gadget to their knowledge by using touring throughout the border to Northern eire, there was no point in German prisoners doing the identical on account that that they had nowhere to go.

subsequently, Arthur Voigt discovered himself speaking to his future spouse at a race assembly within the Curragh as battle raged round Europe.

Arthur and his future wife Sheila loved a whirlwind romance, spending summer days swimming within the River Liffey or biking to hurling fits at Croke Park whereas spending their summer season nights at dances in Newbridge.




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