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“He became massaging my shoulder like he normally does, after which all started going additional down toward my breast, and he observed it changed into to chill out my muscles, however again, that’s no longer the place those muscle tissues can be found,” she alleged.

“He went down from my axilla enviornment and my armpit to the aspect of my breast, and become definitely specializing in that area, and that i noted ‘enough is sufficient — i’m finished.'”

before leaving her appointments, Trujillo talked about she customarily gave Sais a friendly hug. This time, she alleged, he held her longer than common and thanked her for an outstanding session that “truly let me in these days.”

“i was like, I have no idea what you might be speakme about,” she spoke of. “It was in reality uncomfortable.”

news: Pueblo massage therapist appears in court docket, faces 15 counts of sexual misconduct

almost immediately after the timeframe through which Trujillo alleged she changed into assaulted, Sais became arrested for sexual assault costs involving an 18-yr-old high faculty scholar who became seeing the therapist for her excessive college activities accidents.

in the intervening time, 13 women have stepped as much as press prices on the previous massage therapist. His license will expire with the conclusion of 2022, however at the moment is suspended except the conclusion of the criminal case.

He additionally has obtained a cease and desist order regarding his clinical observe.

Trujillo, alongside detectives in the Pueblo Police branch who are investigating the case, believes there are greater ladies who’ve an identical experiences, and hopes her story will deliver power for the alleged victims to return ahead.

Pueblo crime beat: Gunfire exchanged between automobiles effects in auto harm

She spoke with sympathy concerning the 18-year-ancient who first got here ahead.

“She was violated extra so (than I), and then (13) different women came forward and in reality said the equal issue, that he is finished different things to distinctive ladies,” she said.

“I believe extraordinarily responsible, as a result of i am a softball coach as well, and that i used to send the vast majority of my girls to him,” Trujillo said. “he’s very first rate at what he does…He is a superb predator.

“lamentably, some of my women had been harm. Or not it’s terrible, and it’s even worse as a result of he’s been in trouble earlier than.”

delight, power and perseverance: Ex-pueblo police officer and PCC professor finds ways to continue to be a warrior

Sais has been in court for advances on different individuals, as well as many site visitors violations.

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Massage Therapist Psoas I Was Saying Poster

Massage Therapist Psoas I Was Saying Poster

Massage Therapist Psoas I Was Saying Poster

In 2003, he become arrested for assault and false imprisonment, among different violent felonies, however the case become dropped three months later.

another feasible victims, or any individual with advice on this case, are asked to call Pueblo Police Detective Ryan Torres at 320-6037.




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