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PUPUKEA, Hawaii — The celebratory mood on the Pipeline surf competitors on Oahu’s North Shore shifted without delay.

shortly after the conclusion of the 2019 Billabong Pipe Masters, Hayden Rodgers, the below-14 national surf champion of San Clemente, Calif., took off on a 10-foot wave. Then he disappeared.

a whole lot of spectators watched as protection employees gunned their Jet Skis toward the impact zone, where the gap between the water’s surface and the jagged, lava rock reef beneath can also be as little as several ft.

Hayden’s immobile body bobbed up and down within the sloshing foam. He had collided headfirst with the reef beneath. He become not respiration and had no pulse. After two forceful compressions to his chest, he coughed up a torrent of sand and sea. He turned into moments away from a fate far worse.

Hayden, now 15, has made a full restoration within the yr seeing that and has again to browsing on the North Shore of Oahu. But the dangerously shut call — witnessed by means of the sport’s largest names — sent a ripple through the local group.

nowadays, many at Pipeline — a surfing mecca partly because it is so perilous — are donning helmets when they drop in, a a little grudging acknowledgment that the game may also be as dangerous as it is cool.

“The ocean will also be risky,” Brian Keaulana, one of the most retired lifeguards who led the cost in Hayden’s rescue, observed. “but it surely’s all about having the proper competencies and ability level and the correct device to reduce all these dangers.”

wearing helmets pushes in opposition t the cultural tide at Pipeline, the place surfers have at all times aimed to screen how knowledgeable and chic they’re, not necessarily how safe. The community celebrates bravado and prowess so a good deal that it has a pejorative term — kook — for those who are oblivious, overly cautious or unskilled. Nobody wants to appear to be a baby out for a motorbike ride with their mom and dad.

“absolutely, you look cooler if you don’t have a helmet on,” mentioned the expert surfer Kalani Chapman, 38, of Hawaii. “but I think individuals are inserting that apart at the present time, which is super.”

Hayden Rodgers’s accident terrified everybody who noticed it, but the up-and-comers who continuously surf with Hayden, together with his brother Nolan, looked most shaken. The “groms” — a term short for “grommet” that refers to passionate young surfers — stood by using restlessly, their faces ghost-white as they entertained some edition of the same bad notion: That could have been me.

Luke Tema, then 13, didn’t witness the accident, but hearing about it prompted a dialog with fellow groms Nalu Deodato and Rivan Rock Rosskopf. They all knew Hayden well, and all frequented the same iconic surf smash.

Luke purchased a helmet that nighttime.

His father, Eric Tema, puzzled if it changed into indispensable. “i was slightly ambivalent about it, as a result of, you be aware of, I surfed lots of Pipeline transforming into up too and not ever used one,” he noted.

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Move over boys let this old man show you how to surf poster

Like many surfers, he questioned the efficacy of the helmets. Might they scoop up water all over a wipeout, probably inflicting whiplash? Could a helmet compromise a surfer’s general feel of steadiness?

There’s also competencies for a false sense of protection that could lead on some surfers to take dangers beyond their skill stage. Wearing a helmet “offers you extra self assurance,” Hayden says, “however you still need to be sure that you just’re no longer happening bad waves.”




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