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when you’ve got babies who love to bake but additionally like to retain a clear kitchen, businesswoman Kari Turnbull has the key – cakes-in-a-bottle.

An enthusiastic baker, Kari Turnbull, of Burntisland, has cherished getting into the kitchen ever due to the fact that she was a little woman.

together with her mom, Heather Milligan, being a home economics instructor, she become at all times making anything and has fond memories of baking together with her mum and nana.

A mother of two, Kari spends a lot of her time baking together with her toddlers too – four-12 months-old daughter, Annabelle, and six-12 months-historical son, Cameron.

Kari Turnbull, right, baking together with her son Cameron, daughter Annabelle and her mother, Heather Milligan.

besides the fact that children Kari, who likes to retain her kitchen clear changed into finding for her time spent in the kitchen, she become additionally spending loads of time cleansing up. That’s when she had the thought of her business Ceic Bottled.

Ceic is Gaelic for cake and the conception includes bottles being filled with a number dry ingredients which can also be grew to become into scrumptious bakes, all via pouring them in, adding just a few different components, like butter and eggs, and mixing them together.

handy for the complete family

at the start designed for families to bake with one one more effectively, exceptionally those with younger infants, Ceic Bottled has confirmed typical with a number consumers.

She brought: “My mum is a home economics trainer and that i’ve always been a great deal extra into baking than cooking – which works smartly as my husband is an avid prepare dinner.

“i love baking extra now that I’ve bought two young babies who’re six and 4. I’ve been baking with them and they love getting their palms dirty and getting involved.

Two-yr-old Kari with her mum. Kari has cherished baking on account that she turned into a younger lady.

“I’m a tidy baker and that i like a clean kitchen, so mixing children and flour is not a superb aggregate. I would measure issues out earlier than and then they might put all of it collectively. That’s what made me feel of gathering all of the materials together.

“it all started just before Christmas 2020 and i determined to make some for items. It became one of the crucial mums who said I should do it as a company as it turned into such a good suggestion. I just ran with it. I did all of my meals hygiene training and certificates in January.”

hold it primary

With eight distinct bottles that includes distinctive recipes available to are trying out, Kari says simplicity is vital when it involves baking with young ones or for those with much less journey.

She added: “they’re all very simple recipes, too, and i didn’t want recipes which you mandatory a food processor or anything else like that. I wished it to be easy for both babies and for americans who maybe don’t bake lots. My guidance are somewhat unique.

Kari along with her bottled goods.

“considering the fact that I even have launched, it has been a true mix of consumers. But a lot of people are sending them as a pleasant gift. I suppose the true crux of it was in the second lockdown when the kids weren’t at college – a lot of people noted i used to be mad as they had no idea where I found the time.

“It become so gorgeous doing something for myself and since my kids are nevertheless reasonably young, I consider like my leading center of attention has been entirely them, and basically, starting off the business and doing it just for me has been really thrilling.

“lots of the orders I obtained at the start was individuals sending gifts as a result of they couldn’t see one one more. It become basically lovely to suppose what i was producing became making someone’s chum smile.

“It remains early days and i have now launched a new product which is a smaller version. The massive bottles are first-rate but make higher quantities. The cookies and issues remaining for round per week as soon as they have been made, however scones are most efficient loved fresh out of the oven. I’ve purchased smaller jars for the scones in order that nothing goes to waste.”

Chocolate cakes crafted from the bottled recipe.

Working four days a week in a just a little different ambiance, Kari has enjoyed using the skillset from her day job in her own company.

“My day job is advertising in a legislation company four days every week and the packaging has been the most pleasing half for me as i like getting involved in all of that,” mentioned Kari.

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Once Upon A Time There Was A Girl Who Really Loved Baking It Was Me Poster

“I’ve made it vibrant and colourful. Then it was focusing on the website and social media, and since of my day job, I basically enjoyed it and already knew plenty about it.


Sourcing a few of her packaging locally and specializing in sustainability, Kari’s enterprise is “as eco-pleasant as can also be”.




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