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BYH to the Farmville cafe for the bait and swap. You offered me a unique bicycle decal and promised discounts. I bike all the strategy to Farmville simplest to find out the sticky label is now nugatory. I may bike my business elsewhere now.

With all of the talk of racism and racial justice, is the phrase “birds of a feather stick collectively” nevertheless valid? I blame mother Nature for making all these different races. One race and one gender would have solved so many problems. And one chicken restaurant and one hamburger chain. We simply received too many choices. Examine all the manufacturers of beer. Time to limit our decisions to just one! One bird sandwich!

Bless your heart for trying guilty former President Obama for the newest fighting within the Gaza strip. I used to be beneath the affect that Jared had additionally solved that problem final year.

BYH, it will all come right down to this: both Trump will go down continually in shame, or america will. You decide upon, Republicans.

BYH, white supremacists use the Bible to justify their racism. Quandary is, there are not any white people within the Bible.

BYH Keystone Pipeline, now right here’s the deal. Pay Joe, the large guy, the ransom and also you and your heaps of personnel may also be returned in enterprise. Bitcoin of Dogecoin only!

the place can i report the license plate numbers of the impolite, obnoxious man-toddlers who eliminate or alter car/truck/motorcycle mufflers and create loud, obnoxious, consideration-seeking noise. City of Greenville, do your job by using citing them with creating noise pollution and leverage harsh fines for disturbing the peace. You can with no trouble locate and exceptional them at the 10th-Elm road intersection. Man-little ones, please are seeking for skilled support for whatever thing the underlying issues are which make a contribution to your obnoxious, consideration-in quest of habits.

BYH to those people who experience bicycles to and from work every day. Your lack of need to live caught in hours in fuel station lines is unfair. You’re healthier, wealthier, and happier than those of us caught with car bills, weight problems, and caught in polluting car site visitors all day. Bless you and your pedaled machines.

BYH. You yanks are welcome here in the South, just leave the dangerous politics that led to corruption, high taxes, mobbed-up unions and boastful so-called public servants on the state line.

BYH, the motive Republicans did not convict Trump during his 2nd impeachment wasn’t that he become blameless, however because the jury protected his co-conspirators.

Bless their hearts, if Israelis bomb journalists, they might not have journalists to lie to.

well bless my pea pickin coronary heart! Cheeto man will return once once more. Congressman Murphy enhanced observe up on his puckering. He’ll are looking to make a superb influence. We just do away with one virus and one other befalls us!! Where can i get some Remdesivir?

Bless Your Hearts Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham on Fox news. As a conservative I used to get pleasure from staring at your indicates. As a medical knowledgeable, i am disgusted through your nightly diatribes of misinformation related to Covid and the vaccines. Your so known as consultants lie or twist the fact. Clinical experts think it’s comical how ignorant you are about science but is tragic due to the fact so many people consider you. Americans will die because of you.

Let or not it’s normal that individuals who declare party affiliation or guide of bicycle factors and specific bicycle advocates in Bless Your heart hardly ever are precisely what they seem to be.

BYH, are living as even though when the time comes, God will say “well accomplished, my son.”

I hear we are going to be subjected to one more consult with from the chief of the crook wing of the Republican party. I suggest that we repent and put on sackcloth: it saved Nineveh. Bless our hearts.

BHH-Purge every person that disagrees with you, Sound regular? If no longer, you should be a trumpster or an ostrich with your head within the sand!!!

Bless your coronary heart Sheriff. I bet you think that you may do anything you need devoid of answering to anybody.

BMH. Our 5-year-ancient granddaughter will visit from out of state next month. We’ll take a visit to D.C. Because she wishes to peer the “big pointy building”. After consulting the Marjory Greene D.C. Visitor’s e book, I make a packing record of basic vacationer items – physique armor, zip ties, endure spray, stun gun, confederate flag. Have I forgotten the rest? Oh yea…MAGA hats.

Or buy here : Parrots God Says You Are Poster

Parrots God Says You Are Poster

BYH, when somebody tells me they’re a Christian, I ought to ask them, ‘basic Jesus or Republican Jesus’?

Why is it that after local weather alternate comes united statesthe Republican politicians say “i’m no longer a scientist however when women’s health is being discussed they’re all gynecologists? What hypocrisy




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