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We weren’t chuffed with the product that we had been the usage of and there had been some remembers. So we switched to the Diamond Line and we weren’t delighted with it. It be now not a nasty food however the great isn’t there. We tried Diamond Naturals lamb and rice and we had been astonished with the effects that we acquired. It’s definitely in our contract that our new families feed Diamond Naturals lamb and rice. All our canines are on full feed. With the Diamond Naturals lamb and rice, they devour half of what they do within the Diamond line. We buy Diamond by using the pallet and it has reduce our food consumption down by using 40% after we switched to Naturals.

we’ve two distinct vets and that they at all times comment on our canine’ epidermis coat, their muscular development, and bone building. Our canine are OFA licensed. So we do patellas, ophthalmologists, the gauntlet and all of them are very joyful with the consequences on all our dogs. Breeding has an immense half in that, but food also has a extremely excessive part that we agree with. So that’s why we push Diamond relatively challenging for our shoppers. We understand the outcomes. We know the remembers for Diamond is extremely low. It’s type of an old-fashioned mother and dad household business. We help everything about it. But I wish Diamond supported us a little bit more.

Diamond Pet meals would not promote direct, however i attempted to buy through a broking service out of the cities. He set me up with them and that they wouldn’t deliver it to me as a result of I didn’t have a storefront, which turned into absurd. We now have a forklift. We could sell off the semi. That failed to take a seat very well with me because we were the use of more pet food Diamond products than our local co-op did. So just because they’ve a storefront, they may deliver to them damaged pallets however we purchase full pallets. So so far as breeders go, we’re their bread and butter. We recommend and use their items.

Diamond does supply the breeder with samples of puppy meals. They send them anytime I request it. Originally, they made me soar through all types of hoops and i stuffed out the paperwork. However then i might go to request it again and that they’d want me to fill it out once more. We were inserting a hundred and fifty to a hundred seventy five pups on the ground a yr and that could be 150 to 175 guaranteed consumers that Diamond would have since it turned into in our contract. However the closing several times, they haven’t carried out that. In comparison to the different corporations, Diamond is a little dot but they’re growing to be exponentially. Their identify is getting available and lots of this is because of the breeders assisting them. Other than that, i am very chuffed with their product. Also, their client guide is fairly first rate. Everyone has always been polite and sort. The rep was out of the ordinary. But the greatest issue is we can use a bit greater aid from the business.

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The simplest issue I’ve ever considered is a huge can and that’s one other gripe. It be challenging to discover especially the fowl or the lamb. And when we do find it, we purchase everything they have got and we wipe them out. So, their canned meals need to not be very widespread compared to different organizations. We handiest use it as a doggy mash when we’re weaning, then we switch over to the Diamond Naturals puppy small kibble. But when they did small cans or even a full can to ship to the breeders for his or her litters, it might be dazzling. I examine it as support from Diamond and a thanks for being a liable breeder and supporting their product. That contains a lot of weight with the breeders.




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