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The cellphone rang: my ex-husband. Nine years after our divorce, we lived close each other in Santa Monica and we were nevertheless cordial. If I went out of town, he would feed and look after our 18-12 months-ancient diabetic cat. We had been in a band collectively in school and still performed song each as soon as in ages, and now Danny told me he had a concept: He become putting collectively a Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers tribute band. He become going to be Tom.

It become a tall order. It will require management and time I wasn’t certain he had — now not to mention first rate musicians. However a couple of weeks later, he called once more. He’d lined up a lead guitarist, a bass player and a drummer. “You found your Mike, Howie and Stan?” I asked, ticking off the names of the true band members. Then it dawned on me: He crucial a keyboard participant. “Who goes to be Benmont?”

“you are,” Danny said.

Danny and that i met in Austin in the ’80s at the tuition of Texas. I always picked a person in these gargantuan lecture halls to try every time category met to preserve me entertained — a girl as a result of I liked her trend, a man because i assumed he turned into cute. Danny changed into the one I noticed in an promoting category. When I overheard that he performed in a band, he bought means cuter.

I’ve all the time been smitten by track. In keeping with family lore, I used to wake up singing in my crib. I’d played piano and sung in choirs my complete existence. After I skipped that advertising category to look the Grateful useless, I requested the cute musician if I might borrow his notes to catch up, and we ended up falling for each and every different — challenging. We married, and relocated to L.A.

song became our shared ardour. Barely every week went by using that we weren’t at a live performance — singing together with the standing-room-simplest crowd to Lucinda Williams on the Troubadour or the Smithereens at the Roxy. However no band spoke to us like Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. To us, it became the ideal band: cool frontman; mind-blowing songwriting; impeccable lead guitarist; trendy piano elements and ideal harmonies. Every time they have been performing in L.A., we had been correct there.

Story continues

Our personal marriage, despite the fact, wasn’t eliciting the same joy. A couple of yr in, I remember seeing a saying someplace: “Happiness is being married to your best friend.” That become now not what I felt. After Danny’s mom died, he misplaced his manner and misplaced me with it. I believed communique was key and likely pushed him further away trying to get him to discuss it. But he spoke of he didn’t recognize what he desired. I can still hear my dad announcing in his Oklahoma drawl: “Honey, don’t beat a useless horse,” so I divorced him. I was devastated. Explaining our falling aside to pals, I said it felt like Danny showed up for the marriage however now not for the marriage. I bear in mind sobbing, asking him, “Who am I going to head to Tom Petty concerts with?” He was sobbing too.

lifestyles moved on. I worked at city magazines in jobs that I adored, I noticed reside tune per week, and i lived near the seashore in a rented cottage surrounded with the aid of 50-year-historical rose timber. Not for a scarcity of trying, besides the fact that children, I certainly not fell in love.

Or buy here : Time Spent With Cats And Piano Is Never Wasted Poster

Time Spent With Cats And Piano Is Never Wasted Poster

When Danny called me concerning the tribute band, which he named Petty Theft, i was worried to develop into the female knockoff of the Heartbreakers’ keyboardist, Benmont Tench. Tench’s entertaining piano vogue is a defining part of the Heartbreakers’ sound. But I hunkered down and learned the songs, and soon the band was taking part in all over Southern California — pounding out “hearken to Her heart” at a street reasonable in ny seaside one weekend, “Free Fallin’” at a casino within the wilderness the next.




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