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Let’s face it, all of us love a very good scandal; from sordid affairs to political intrigue, the extra salacious and outrageous, the more advantageous.

So, it’s little surprise that some of the most surprising news experiences to grip the nation would make major fodder for a riveting new podcast.

in case you’re craving your subsequent fix of intrigue and drama, British Scandal, through accurate American podcast creator, Wondery will now not disappoint.

Created within the UK and launched this week, the show deep dives into one of the vital most gripping modern-day scandals to rock the united kingdom, led with the aid of enticing hosts Alice Levine, of the award-winning podcast My Dad Wrote A Porno, and comedian, Matt Forde.

Levine guarantees the show will reveal spectacular new insights to greatly-covered news studies. She pointed out, “British Scandal is a terrific opportunity to take a deep dive into some pursuits that we all bear in mind from the information, which in reality are stranger than fiction.

“Revisiting them with far, understanding what we know now, throws up some wonderful surprises!”

With skilled commentary, analysis and insights, the first sequence investigates the Salisbury poisonings of 2018. Over three episodes, it revisits the poisoning of Russian dissident Alexander Litvinenko, which sparked the worst diplomatic disaster between UK and Russia on the grounds that the conclusion of the bloodless warfare.

series two covers the death of weapons skilled, David Kelly, and the “sexed-up” file on Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction, which ended in a political disaster for Tony’s Blair’s Labour government. And the third explores the 2018 Cambridge Analytica disaster.

Judging through the state of British politics over the last 365 days, they might have ample cloth for a fourth series.

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Edinburgh Tradfest


remember the times once we might go to a ceilidh, or even take heed to reside track? The possibility to accomplish that once more may be on the horizon later this yr. Until then, the Edinburgh Tradfest has moved on-line.

It’s new podcast begins this weekend, exploring average music in Scotland, with tracks and interviews from the Tradfest line-up.

So tune in and jig round your lounge like no one’s staring at.

problematic ladies

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There’s a asserting, “neatly-behaved girls hardly ever make history, intricate women do.” We wager “difficult” meant any individual persistent sufficient to disrupt the repute quo. In a brand new LBC podcast, Rachel Johnson speaks to influential ladies who needed to fight, face up to, insist or often be disruptive to get things finished.

Her first chat is with lady Brenda Hale, the primary feminine – and feminist – president of the uk Supreme court.

most of the time individuals shouldn’t use a bumper sticker as a sole observation to the area. One person who one primary bumper sticker certainly can’t outline is Sheri Gaynor. Two bumper stickers, youngsters, come pretty shut. Gaynor owns Metamorphosis, an art studio on main street in Carbondale. Discreetly, in the decrease corner of the front window, are two stickers. One reads, “artwork saves lives”; the other, “neatly-behaved girls hardly ever make history.”There probably isn’t a further pair of bumper stickers on the earth that gives so tons perception into Gaynor, an authorized clinical social worker who uses her talents as a therapist and as an artist to do “expressive art remedy.” She works one-on-one with individuals to aid them categorical themselves. “(Expressive artwork therapy) enables people to work across the verbal factor of themselves and express themselves,” she stated. Gaynor opened Metamorphosis only a few month ago, but the thought of an expressive arts studio has grown in Gaynor over the ultimate 15 years via a series of pursuits – from meeting a boy named Tony with an inoperable brain tumor, to working with youth in fortress Lauderdale,

Or buy here : Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History Poster

Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History Poster





Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History Poster

Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History Poster

Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History Poster


Fla.Gaynor noticed the curative vigor of paintings in the boys she met and knew she’d mix artwork and therapy ultimately. It took 15 years, 9/eleven, and a year’s sabbatical in a leisure vehicle together with her husband, however Gaynor at last has her studio and follow. For Metamorphosis’ first demonstrate, Gaynor and 9 students studied Frida Kahlo, then created art with her in intellect. Frida was a famous Mexican artist, as regularly occurring for her wonderful hardships and indomitable spirit as her artwork. Kahlo, born in 1907, gotten smaller polio at age 5,



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