Baby Elephant A Mother’s Greatest Masterpiece Is Her Children shirt, hoodie, tank top

Baby Elephant A Mother's Greatest Masterpiece Is Her Children sweater


Let’s take this Baby Elephant A Mother’s Greatest Masterpiece Is Her Children shirt if you love your mother. When you’re feeling down, you don’t even have to tell her why. She just knows what’s wrong with you. When you’re being indecisive, she’s the one who will tell you what the right decision is. She knows the choices you’re going to make before you even make them. Your mother is the greatest when it comes to having your back. She’s better than most friends when it comes to being loyal. She’s the only one who will lie for you and not think twice about it. If you were to murder someone and needed help hiding the body.. mom is the one to call. For some reason, when mom takes care of you, every remedy works. Her soup is the best. Her tea is the best. You can always count on her to have the right medication. She just knows what will make you feel better. Who’s better than mom? No one. She will make you sound like the world’s greatest person. She has no problem telling people how great you are because well… she made you. She will stretch the truth to help you get what you want in life.