Baby groot I crochet but my favorite hobby is collecting yarn shirt, hoodie, tank top

Baby groot I crochet but my favorite hobby is collecting yarn sweater


Your shoes are made of cow skin, your blanket is made of sheep fur, your jacket is filled with goose feathers, your foulard is made of caterpillar spit, but hey, domestic cat wool is so disgusting. The cat is outdoor animals God only knows the bacteria on the fur.Joyce Brower Bertleff they must want a bunch of snowflakes to watch their Baby Groot I crochet but my favourite hobby is collecting yarn shirt. They need to not forget how Trump got elected. Through us conservative voters. The ones who watch Fox. But I don’t have to or need to watch it to have MY opinion. No channel will sway me one way or the other. Geneva Cruz God be with us all Geneva. I realize you might not understand what is happening. Sadly my uncle worked in security for years in Venezuela in the 70’s,coming back, he told us he feared they were falling into the powerful socialist regime. Now that is what happened. He knew years before. He could see it coming. A Growing big Family can only feed so many before they fall and starve. That is true for a Country too. We are not as rich as the socialist money whores want you to believe. We are fundamentally being transformed. It is not B.S! Bonnie VanName they don’t care the Dems have been infiltrated we must vote straight Republican ballot or we’re screwed